Who am I?

Who am I, you ask.  Well, I'm Tiffany. Also known as Babe to my Hubs. And as Momma to my kids.  I'm married to an amazing guy (I heart him!), I have two beautiful kids and I'm a Christian.  I also work full time and blog a bit about clothes and how they fit into this lovely life of mine. =)

I found that after having my second baby, I was struggling to put my clothes together in a way that flattered the new me.  I stumbled across Kendi Everyday and from there found so many fun fashion blogs by so many different types of girls.  I thought, "Can I do that? There's no way I can put myself out there like that."  But, I did . . . .  And Breakfast with Tiffany was born.

Thanks for popping in and I hope you'll stick around to see what happens next!