Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Finally Friday!!

Free again, got my party started for a wild weekend! Yes, indeed. I am partying it up like crazy this weekend! Well, "crazy" for a happily married, mama of two. lol

This afternoon, Nate & I are finally celebrating V-day in style.  We're going to Running Wild to buy ourselves new running shoes, which I am totally stoked about, and then going out for pizza. Yay for new running shoes and double yay for pizza!

We've got a birthday party for one of my two-year old's little girlfriends.  He is quite the lady's man at school.  There are two girls that he is usually attached to constantly.  One is a bit younger than him and one is a bit older than him.  Well, the "older" one is turning three and leaving him behind for a few months. *tear* He is super excited about it.  Whenever we talk about it, his eyes get HUGE and he says, "I goin' to Ella's birthday party and I get her Dora and Boots!"  So, apparently, I need to go shopping today for a Dora and Boots gift. =)

We also have an "adult" birthday party on Saturday night.  Super excited about a night out! And then on Sunday afternoon, I get to meet up with a friend from college that I haven't seen in ages!!  I'm so excited about my totally busy, non-relaxing weekend! =)

Usually, I spend my weekend like this:


Grace:) said...

It's nice sometimes to have a busy weekend to change things up.. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing, quiet weekend myself.. Maybe next weekend will be busy! Enjoy your weekend.. see you later:)

Courtney B said...

Your blog is SO cute!!
I was super excited about my weekend as well..and it ended up being as great as I'd hoped! :) Hope yours was just as great!!