Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie Review Monday . . . And an Awesome Giveaway!!

No, I'm not doing a giveaway, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Did you watch any fun movies this weekend?  We started watching one and it was such a waste of time, that I'm not even going to tell you what it is.  I'd be embarrassed to admit it.  So, instead I'll tell you about a movie that I absolutely loved that we watched on Valentine's Day.

Nate & I only watch chick flicks on V-day and on my birthday.  Seriously, Nate is just not a chick flick kind of guy. Since I could choose any movie I wanted to see, I chose Life as We Know It.  Have you seen it yet?  If not, run out and rent it right now! It was that good!! I laughed, I cried, laughed again and then cried some more. Even at the end of the movie, when it ended in as perfect a way as it possible could, I cried.  See, I fell in love with the little family at the beginning of the movie and all I could think throughout the entire movie was, "What if that were my child? What if I had left my child all alone like that?"

When it was over, and I was drying my eyes, Nate said, and I quote, "That wasn't all bad for a chick movie."  Yes!! I love it when I pick a movie that "isn't all bad".

Okay... now for the stuff you're really wanting to know about.  Paige is giving away a pair of the cutest earrings today!!  Check her out at Simply Handmaid by Paige and enter to win the pair of your choice!

Good luck!


Veronica said...

Cute blog!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
thank you so much!

Tara said...

Yeah, I can't watch movies like that anymore! Ever since I had Brigid, everything gets related back to her, somehow, and I end up a blubbering idiot. Can't take me anywhere anymore :)

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