Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trendy Tot Tuesday - My Own Little Ray of Sunshine

I traded in Tasty Treats for Trendy Tots today. Its really hard to think of a tasty treat that looks good in photos that is also cleared by the diet nazi.  By the way, I'm the diet nazi. lol Yesterday was a cheat day, being that it was V-day and all, but I'm back on today.  Yes, I am! I've got to finish losing these baby pounds before my big trip to Panama City to cheer on my amazing hubby in his half-ironman.  Seriously, I think he's a little bit crazy for wanting to do all that running, biking and swimming, but hey, it makes him happy. So, I'm all for it.  And by all for it, I mean that I'll cheer him on till he crosses that finish line... Not all for it as in I'll join him in all that biking, running and swimming.  No sirree, just getting myself up to running a 5k is pretty challenging. lol

Okay, back to my trendy tot . . . I would have posted a picture of Gabe, because he can sometimes be pretty darn trendy, but I rarely ever dress him in cute clothes for school because, inevitably, he will trash them while playing in the sandbox or during craft time.  So, I've posted my trendy "tot", Avi-loo.

Avi is wearing: H&M sweater (gift from a dear friend); Circo "cupcake" shirt, skirt & socks from Target; Agoo legwarmers can be purchased here; Headband & bow from Ebay. 

After throwing that little outfit together this morning, I realized with all that purple and yellow, she looks a bit like an LSU fan, which I'm sure will make my New Orleans family happy.  Or I guess I could say she looks a bit like a Vikes fan, which will make my sweet hubby happy. lol


Anonymous said...

Aww, look at that sweet little cuppycake. Griffin wants to kiss her through the screen!

Anonymous said...

not all ur New Orleans family! lol! She's just so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! So adorable. Check out that headband! My daughter would absolutely peace that thing out in two seconds flat! She can't stand stuff in her hair and it makes me soooo sad! Avi looks extra precious! Thanks for joining in on Trendy Tots Tuesday!

Tiffany said...

lol I forgot I also have a Tulane fan in the family! ;-)