Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Friday - Sick Baby

So, the Little Missy has RSV. That means I get to stay home and love on her for an entire week! She's a coughing, wheezing, snotty mess, but still the sweetest baby alive.  Since I did have to get up this morning and get Gabe off to school, I decided I may as well get dressed.  When I got home, I proceeded to try to take pictures of myself with the auto-timer on my camera.  Three terrible, blurry pictures later, I said, "What the heck?" I'll just try to get one shot of the outfit and one of my shoes and then maybe I can get one of the accessories by themselves or something.  What happened, you ask, as you peruse the two absolutely not-fit-for-a-blog pictures that are posted.  Well, the camera died.  I still have my sister's camera, but those batteries are dead too. I can't find either of the chargers.  Good grief, I'm helpless today! 

Green sweater: Target (My sister's)
Grey shirt: Old Navy
Green tank: Express 
Black belt: Target
Skinny jeans: Gap
Purple shoes: Shoedazzle
Overturned lawnmower: Wal-Mart

Oh, well, I'll just sit here and sip on my mocha frappucino  while Avi naps, and maybe, just MAYBE, I'll look for those chargers later. 


Anonymous said...

Poor baby girl. I hope she feels better soon! Griffin is a trooper when he is sick, too. He even enjoys the nasal bulb aspirator thing - weird kid.

Jaime Adams said...

Your so hilarious.....just love it, the life of a mom. You make me think of the Christian music singer, Francesca Battistelli (Her song This is the stuff.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany!

What is your paypal email address?


caramelchica said...

Sick babies are so pathetic! I hope she feels better quickly.
Love those shoes!

Brittney said...

oh, sadness. sick baby? poor little lamb. and, in a completely callous jump in topics, your shoes are adorable!

Tara said...

Aw, I hope the poor girl feels better soon! Sick babies are no fun at all, for anyone involved. And the pictures today may not be what you wanted, but the shoes are adorable!

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