Monday, May 9, 2011

Little House on the Prairie

Call me "Laura," because that's who I feel like in this sweet little number. =)  Did any of you watch Little House on the Prairie growing up? I used to love that show!  My sister and I were reminiscing about some of the old movies/shows we used to watch while we were driving home from visiting the folks yesterday. It actually all started when we burst out in song, "Lots of choc'lates for me to eat!"  Does anyone know which movie that comes from? A few that I'd like to add to my list of things to watch soon: Gone with the Wind, My Fair Lady, Anne of Green Gables, and, of course, Little House on the Prairie.  I can't wait till my Little Missy is old enough to enjoy these movies.

 Cardigan, dress & bracelets: Target
Red sandals:
Tank top: Borrowed from my Sis
And . . . yes, I realize my eyes are closed. You take what you can get!

My look today is part of Inspiration Monday, put on by Two Birds.

This photo of Nicole Richie was our inspiration photo this week.

I added the little cardigan instead of the jean jacket because . . . let's face it, it's entirely too hot and humid in Louisiana in May for a jean jacket!

And now . . . I've got a HUGE favor to ask of you. Pretty please could you go HERE and vote for my Little Missy?  I got an email this morning that her photo has been chosen for the Reader's Choice contest. You can vote once each day . . . so please go cast your vote! =) Thanks a bunch!!


Amber Lena said...

I voted! She's adorable. I totally watched Little House on the Prairie and was obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. You look great in that dress and flats.

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Tammy said...

Great look. I love the bracelets!

Claire said...

I voted. Goodness she looks adorable with that flower in her hair. so cute. love your look and i watched LHOTP growing up. that song with the "lots of chocolate for my to eat" is from My Fair Lady, btw.

Taylor said...

Cute! I love the colors - olive green and red, who knew? I never watched the show but I read the books - all I remember is them blowing up some animal bladder and using it as a ball. I think that scarred me for life. I did watch Ann of Green Gables though!

I voted; she is so stinkin' cute.

Kish said...

Even though I couldn't get into Little House, you look adorable, Tiffany! I see where l'il Miss Avi gets it from! She is ridiculously CUTE!!! I voted and I hope that she wins!! (I tried to vote again, but received the same "thank you for your submission" message...
I'll try tomorrow!)

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

You did great. I love your dress. I couldn't participate this week since I am sooo behind and having a crazy busy time.


two birds said...

loved that show and i love this dress. was it a recent buy, because if it was, i need to go out and get it! great job!

Tara said...

Love this dress! Little House on the Prairie looks good on you, obviously :)

I hope you had a fantastic weekend in Louisiana (and happy belated Mother's Day, of course!). And Miss A absolutely gets my vote, because that picture is beyond adorable.

Mother in Heels said...

What a cute look. Little House on the Prarie was the best! I am going to go vote now. :)

Linz said...

What a cute dress, you look so girly and adorable in it, great look!!

Daisy said...

That is such a great outfit from head to toe, I love it all!

The Suburb Experiment said...

Those shoes were the perfect choice. The whole outfit is so cute and then the shoes! THE SHOES.

This Inspiration Monday looks pretty fun. I may click over there and start participating. At least I'd have somewhere to start on Mondays.


Meagan said...

Cute! Loving all those bracelets!