Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh, Yeah, I'm Pregnant . . .

At least, that's what my shirt would have you believe.  

Hahaha, I don't even want to know how many heart attacks I've just caused!

But seriously, I don't know why I try to wear this shirt. I bought it right after I got pregnant with my Little Missy and wore it throughout the first half of my pregnancy (before I got massive like a whale). At that time, I loved it. It made me look all cutesy and pregnant before I was really showing.  Well, I haven't worn it in ages.  Not since I was all cutesy and pregnant with the Little Missy.  But today is (well, yesterday by the time this posts) EBEW's floral challenge. I don't have many flowery items that I haven't already blogged about, so I reached wayyyy back into my closet for this little shirt. I thought that by adding the cardi (which by the way is my first attempt at pattern mixing!), it might help diminish the pregnancy rumors, but I'm not sure it's working...  Note to self - this empire waist shirt isn't working for you any more. Okay, without further ado, I give you today's outfit. =)

Floral shirt and striped cardi - Target
Dark jean skirt - Gap
Green tank - My sister's
Nude wedges -
No jewelry??? *gasp* I really should be ashamed of myself.

Florals | Everybody, Everywear


From Lissa..with Love! said...

Yes, thank you for that little heart attack! My first thoughts when I read the title was "I KNOW she had to have known for a while..I can't believe she didn't tell me!!! LOL!
Cute outfit! You just look so good in yellow! :o)

Emilie said...

hahaha in the first photo you do look a little pregnant :p But yellow looks great on you!!


Tara said...

Ha! I totally wondered if there was something you'd been keeping from us when I read that title :) And I have one of those shirts, too, that's not really a maternity shirt, but when I wore it in the early stages of pregnancy, before I had even told anyone at work, that shirt had people talking. It is not longer in my daily rotation, that's for sure!

CC said...

Love the pattern mixing! Have you tried belting it? I still wear all my pregnancy tunics, I just belt them. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, am I the only one a little disappointed? I love hearing about OTHER people's new babies (no more for me please & thank you). I think you look really cute in this top!

Andie said...

I actually think it looks ok= if you want to keep the "pregnant" effect down, wear a belt to give waist definition where it doesn't exist.

and aqua blue would look awesome with this! :)

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

I find it is best to tuck and blousan the pregnancy/maternity tops. Even some empire waisted ones can work this way. Don't give up.
Cute colors.


Leah said...

ahha You seriously got me so excited! Oh well, you can save it for your next pregnancy. Have a great day.

xo L.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

haha you are hilarious, don't you love when clothes and awkward poses make you look preggos when you are indeed not &of course if you are married everyone always assumes your must be pregnant. Cute sweater by the way :)

Ashley J said...

OMG! Just saw this and rushed to read it...I can't believe you tricked everyone!

Kish said...

Kudos on the pattern mixing! And I agree with CC...belting the top may make a huge difference.

(By the way, I have a little secret about that: sometimes in Target, I will purposely peruse the maternity section ((like I did today)) b/c they really do have some cute items that, when belted, could really work for the non-prego woman! sshh...!)