Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Muffins & My Momma's Dress

Tasty Tuesday - Muffins!

I don't have a fabulously delicious and original recipe to share with you today . . . but I do have a secret. And it is this: Bananas make everything better.
A few weeks ago, it was our turn to fix breakfast for our Sunday School class. We have one go-to breakfast that we always bring. My guy's amazing breakfast casserole (which I will share with you one day when I remember to take pictures of it) and my contribution to the meal . . . which are Betty Crocker cinnamon streusel muffins. Oh yeah, I'm good, I know. =) Ha, well, on this particular day, the Hubs had used all of the eggs in the casserole and I was stuck. I racked my brain for something I could use instead of eggs. I searched the internet and found all kinds of suggestions. Applesauce? Eh. Some kind of weird cornstarch concoction? Gross! Bananas? Hmmm... bananas! That was it, I knew it! So, I substituted one whole banana for two eggs and out came some heavenly delicious cinnamon streusel banana muffins. They were divine. They seemed a bit more moist than they usually were AND had a nice little touch or banana flavor!  So, try it next time you're making muffins and let me know what you think!

My Momma's Dress

That's right folks, I'm wearing a dress that belongs to . . . my MOM! Now, let me explain. She's a pretty trendy lady and has great sense of style, so I really don't mind.  In fact, I have a feeling she's going to be donating quite a few of her articles of clothing to me if I don't watch it. She's currently a pretty awesome zumba instructor and gets smaller every time I see her!

Dress: NY&Co (My mom's)
Necklace: Premier Designs Jewelry
Bracelets: Bealls
Belt: TJMaxx
Earrings: Target
Shoes: Gifted to me by my sweet friend, Kim

Bobo wanted in on the action! It's funny. I didn't even realize he was there until I was editing the photos.

I have got to tell you... These shoes are amazing! They fit like a glove and are so comfortable! I love them. =)


Tara said...

Mmmmm, muffins. This sounds amazing, except my husband hates bananas, so if I made these, I'd have to eat them all myself.

Which, maybe isn't such a bad thing, now that I think about it?

Anyway, I love EVERYTHING about this outfit. The dress, the belt, the shoes...you look fantastic :)

suzanne said...

i love putting bananas in muffins! and dates instead of sugar. yum, now i want muffins :)

and your momma's dress is awesome . . . she is one stylish lady!

awkwardly chic

Monique said...

Those shoes look so comfortable!! And that dress is such a pretty pattern!!

Monique xx


Leah said...

I agree, bananas are so good! And so it that haircut on you! Great shoes too.
Thanks for your well wishes.

xo L.

Melissa said...

Um, I'm in love with that dress. IN LOVE. You look incredible! Plus you belted it, which always makes me happy. :)

I don't cook (someone needs to teach me) but the banana thing sounds awesome. I may have to try that.

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

Lissa said...

I agree...your Mom looks smaller every time I see her. That dress is gorgeous! And you my dear look amazing! :o)

Style Journey said...

You look fabulous! What a gorgeous color with your new hair. New York & Co is one of my favorite stores to shop at.

Erica said...

That dress is your mom's?! You are so right; she's one stylish lady! And how can you talk about how delish those muffins are and then not share? I'm :( because I don't have any cinnamon struesal banana muffins. ;)

North Meets South

rlutz said...

Such a hot dress...!
Those muffins look so yummy!

Andie said...

hmmm will have to try that!

and that color blue is beautiful on you. :)

I still think your hair is so adorable!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Those muffins look yummy. I love the dress. Looks great with a belt.
As you know I raid my mom's closet and wear her stuff all the time. It is great to have a young and trendy mom that is the same size! We even match in shoe size which is awesome.

Claire said...

you look great! that dress is so lovely and your mom must be one stylish lady! i love how you paired it with those fabulous nude shoes!

i never thought about substituting banana for egg. what a great idea! i often run out of eggs...and milk, and all sorts of necessities. i did grind oatmeal with the mortar pestle to make "flour" when i ran out of that one time :)


DearSarah said...

I just baked some muffins myself, but yours sound extra yummy! Cute shoes too!! I love tan/creme shoes because they go with everything. I think I've worn mine out and have to buy a new pair. Great excuse to go shoe shopping though. :)

Love your blog!!


Roxy Heart said...

LOVE your shoes! So cute!

Kish said...

Yeah, the muffin looks good...but DA**!!!! You look amazing! I would hide that dress from momma...just saying...;)

lasophia said...

Yo momma teaches Zumba? That is amazing! My mom should teach Zumba, I should too. I know they will have an opening at my gym soon cause the instructor is preggos. I wish I could share clothes with the mothership. Lucky you!