Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beach Style

I remember now why we only take the kids to the beach maybe once a month even though it only takes about 30 minutes to get there. We spent the morning at the beach and had so much fun! The afternoon alternated between bouts of extreme whininess and meltdown central. For both kids. I don't know why they like to award me with meltdowns for giving them a really fun time. You would think they'd be super nice so that they get to do something fun like that again soon. At least, that's what tried explaining to them!

Here I am looking down at a glob of seaweed and wondering why in the world I chose this spot for a picture...

Dress: Gift from my sis
Belt: Thrifted
Scarf & Bracelets: Target
Sandals: Borrowed from my sis

Several people suggested that I try a scarf in my hair for beach days. Well, let me say, I thought it looked really cute. However, it just wasn't very practical in this Florida humidity! My head and neck were a hot, sweaty mess. I don't know if I was using the wrong sort of scarf or if maybe I was styling it wrong somehow... but it was hot! I think, next time, I might try a headband or a floppy hat or something.


B.Inspired said...

I cannot tell you are sweltering in the FL heat! You look fabulous and enjoying hints of any kiddie meltdowns! Cheers :)

Melissa said...

The scarf does look awfully cute! Maybe a hat would be better in the sun though. :)

I love that dress on you!

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Mimi said...

The beach and sun can totally wear the parents as well as the kids out! Love the dress, you look adorable!

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Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Oooh your sand is so white and you look so chic in that get-up. I love the scarf but yes heat would be an issue. Hats are definitely way to go but they have to be tight fitting so they don't keep falling.
Just curious did you try to stay at the beach the whole day? I know my kids will go from having a great time to having a melt down very fast if we extend the high impact activity too long. From doing crazy stuff with them everyday I know their limits and start packing before they get to that point and bring them home in time for rest and naps. It just sucks cause you go through all the trouble for only a couple hours but that is usually all they can handle at this age.

Kish said...

I love this picture because of the pops of red from the dress print and the scarf. I could see this dress w/a big floppy hat, too...still, you're workin' it, mama!

And I've learned...even when at the beach, kids don't always "roll with the tide". Lol!

Meagan said...

Well, even if it was hot, it's still a really cute outfit!

Style Journey said...

The scarf does look really cute! But I'm with you, the scarf makes me so hot, I end up with a baseball hat most of the time.

Your dress is fabulous and love the beachy photo shoot!

Mongs said...

you look so 50's chic with that scarf. The dress looks so summery and happy on you. Nice shot.


oomph. said...

cute beach outfit! i guess anything tight fitting will be hot and the beach. i'll tolerate my hats on the beach because i want some face protection from the sun, but as soon as i'm in the car, hat is off so fast letting my head breathe! exact situation with me and my son today. had a great time at the beach, then he started to whine. bad. but last weekend we stopped the bottle, so could be partly that. he was tired, but had no bottle to comfort him.

Lorena said...

I love everything about this look -
It is a great dress - but the head scarf is my favorite.

Julie said...

This picture is so cute and I adore your dress!~



P.S. Thanks for stopping by OAGJ~

Andie said...

very cute! I especially love the dress. (and the background location!)

I am wondering which beach you are on. I wish I could go back... but it's too late now until after baby gets here!

Tara said...

The scarf does look ridiculously adorable, but I could see how it would get hot :) I am always on board with a floppy hat for a day at the beach!

And I LOVE that dress...such a perfect beach outfit all around! Also, 30 minutes from the beach?!?!? So, so, so jealous!