Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Military + Feminine = This?

As you know, I'm participating in a fashion challenge put on by Casual Chic Kiki and Megan Mae Daily.  Today's challenge is to combine the military trend with something feminine. 

This was a tough one for me. Maybe it's because I was all confused and thought today was "Go Neutral." Several sweet bloggers corrected me yesterday!  Ha, anyways at the last minute I had to throw something together.  This shirt is the only military inspired item I could come up with between me and my sister. 
Here's what I did with it:

Shirt: My sister's
Tank: Express
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: www.6pm.com
Ring: Premier Design Jewelry
Bracelets: Target
Scarf as a Belt: Ooh La La (a local boutique)

Check it out! I also did a little pattern mixing with the flowers and stripes!


Lil_loca said...


B.Inspired said...

This totally works! The Sgt. Pepper's-esque top and the skirt are military inspired and the floral scarf turned into a belt is girly! LOVE IT :) Can't wait to see tmrw's challenge!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh - I adore this outfit on you! I think it's the belt that does it for me. I'm not really sure, I just love everything about this. You look fantastic!

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Kish said...

This is the type of outfit that I strive to put together. It has color, pattern, texture with the shoe, and it's just creative! I really think this is a winner!

Bonnie said...

I actually lovelovelove this look. It is exactly something that I would wear because it has the tough, edgy pieces mixed with some nice, feminine pieces. I would love to recreate this look! :)

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Erica said...

I love it! Very old-school military, and the flowers and stripes look fabulous together. I don't think I would have a single darned military thing to wear, haha!

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Whitney Jay said...

This looks great. I would have never thought to tuck a shirt like that in, but it looks super cute!


Sweet Momiji said...

This is an awesome outfit! I seriously love every piece! It all works great together.. and that scarf/belt is perfect! Great job on the pattern mixing! :)

Megan Mae said...

It definitely works! I love that top! Neutral is indeed later this week. The outfit turned out great for last minute!

Victoria said...

I always love when people mix femenine and masculine together! This looks fab! x

TheMadTwins said...

This look is wonderful!
great skirt and lovely top, fitting lovely together!


Style Journey said...

You did a great job for a last minute outfit! I love your shirt paired with the scarf! So cute :)

Mongs said...

great job! I like the colorful sash at the waist, totally add pizzaz to your outfit! Fabulous color combo


Monica and Whitney said...

I love that color blue on you!

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rlutz said...

I love this outfit...the military style shirt, pencil skirt, flower scarf as belt...you look so great!!!

MissRockwell said...

That skirt is awesome and Im digging how you mixed the patterns and added the tank to bring out the colors of the belt!