Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Jewelry & A Mess

It's What I Wore Wednesday! So, I'm showing you what I wore . . . on Saturday! =) I mentioned that I did some organizing because of the rain, but I also had to do some grocery shopping, so ya know... I guess I had to get dressed.

Shirt: Target (Ages and ages ago)
Tank: Express
Shorts: Gap Outlet
Jewelry: won in a giveaway from She Hath Done What She Could  
Flip flops: Bealls (You can't see them, but they're just flip flops, so you're not missing much.)

And there's the mess I was talking about. That was the kids' playroom before I made my Little Guy (who's running past me) clean it. I don't get how kids do it. We clean the play room and I show them where all the toys go and within about ten minutes, it looks like a hurricane has hit. It's insane! Can any of you other moms relate?

Here's a close up of the jewelry and apparently, my wrinkled shirt, too.

Happy Wednesday, folks! We're one day closer to the weekend. What are your plans? My family will be in town, so we're hitting the beach for a day of fun in the sun and probably lots of sandy snacks! =)


rlutz said...

Sometimes I wonder what is the point of putting all the cars away...when you turn your back they are just going to be all over the floor again!
Love your shorts!!

Style Journey said...

Your shorts are so cute and I love this jewelry from Peggy's giveaway!

I don't have cars scattered all over, but we have Polly Pockets, dress up clothes, and crayons and coloring books EVERYWHERE! It doesn't matter if everything has it's place, it just ends up in the middle of the living room anyways!

Whitney said...

Cute necklace! I'm so jealous that you won it!

CC said...

Ummmm... yes, totally relate. For some reason the toy he wants to play with is always at the bottom of the toy box and only reachable by removing every other toy in the box. Every. single. toy.

Kish said...

Lovin't it! The bracelets are ka-yoooote!

Kiki's Corner said...

I love the shorts :)

The necklaces are super cute :)

Mongs said...

you look so cute in that outfit. Makes it easier for you to move around and do your errands. Mess is part and parcel of my life as a mom of two boys. you're not alone. I have to keep reminding them to play one toy keep one toy.


MissRockwell said...

Girl I don't even have kids and my house looks like a hurricane hit it!! Kids will be kids right!

Monica and Whitney said...

Look at that calf muscle!!

Ask the Duplex

Tara said...

You do casual so well...and I'm seriously considering adding a pair of plaid shorts to my shopping list now :)

I may have actually given birth to the most OCD toddler ever, actually...she hates leaving stuff out, so she always at least tries to clean up after herself. It's too cute, and I'm dreading the day she inevitably grows out of it!

Michelene said...

Love Your shorts!!