Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Independence Day

I have all sorts of deliciousness to share with you today! My Little Guy is finally getting to the age where he gets excited about holidays. So, this weekend I told him that we live in America and that Monday was America's birthday. I also told him that America's favorite colors were red, white and blue. =) We celebrated by making a big deal about each red, white or blue thing that we ate all day. 


Flag Toast

I got this idea while browsing Pinterest.  These were so easy! I used cream cheese, raspberry jam, blueberries and bananas. They were so yummy and my Little Guy devoured them!

BBQ Chicken, stuffed with swiss cheese & bacon, green beans & cheesy toast

I got this recipe from J & M's Eye Candy.  They have an etsy shop full of adorable handmade bows, shirts and necklaces. Who knew they were also geniuses in the kitchen?!?!  The recipe for this amazing, delicious chicken can be found HERE.  The only thing we did differently was that we used Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and turkey bacon. It was absolutely delicious!

Patriotic Strawberries & Sparklers
Well, we all know how to make Smores. And we all now they're pretty messy. My Little Guy wasn't all that crazy about them because he didn't like the messy-ness it created on his hands. Ha!! I think that's pretty funny considering that he likes to get down and dirty in the backyard!   

The strawberries are dipped in white chocolate and then rolled in blue sugar. Those were a big hit as well. Pretty much, if it has fruit, chocolate or sugar in it, it'll be a success at my house. =)  I got the idea for these from J & M's Eye Candy as well. So, basically, I owe my delicious 4th to those girls! =)

Here's my not so patriotic outfit that I wore yesterday morning during a quick trip to Target, while my sweet kids napped. This is different for me. I usually like to dress in the appropriate colors for holidays. In fact, for the rest of the day, I wore some navy plaid shorts and a navy shirt. But I really wanted to break in this sweet dress. It's too short for church or work, so the only chance I can wear it is on the weekend... And that's the reason a pink and red dress was worn on the 4th!
Dress & Sandals: My sister's
Belt: Target
Bracelets: Rue 21

Okay, so my nails look like they belong to a 10-year old girl! Wait, I take that back. I bet a 10-year old girl's aren't even this bad. I need to get some fingernail polish remover and get those babies fixed ASAP!


Melissa said...

That toast looks super fun and SO YUMMY!!! What a great idea!

I really love that dress on you. If it makes you feel any better, I wore a black dress all day. For no reason other than I didn't feel good and just wanted to be comfy! :)

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Kish said...

LOVE the toast.
Love the chicken. (Would have loved to have tasted it.)
Love the strawberries and "sparklers".
Love the dress.
Love the belt.
Love the sandals.
Love the bracelets.
Love how CUTE you look in all them.

Have I mentioned before that I love your blog? ;)

B.Inspired said...

I love this belt and your look for independence day was awesome! ALSO...may I just say the food looks delicious and gourmet!


rlutz said...

Such a cute dress...I love to dress up for Target runs! Love the flag toast, I am going to still it for my boys. We tried to explain to them it was America's birthday...they didn't really get it...ha!!

Sarah Grecco said...

I love the toast! My mom got a toast stamp that when you toast the bread it comes up with a sun that says I love you.....I thought it was MAGIC when I was 5.....I'm easily entertained! Haha. You are as cute as cute can be and are invited to my house for the next 4th of July.....only if you promise to make me fancy toast!

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Monica Whitney said...

That toast looks so scrumptious! I love it!
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Whitney said...

I saw this in my RSS feed and I starred it--those treats look absolutely yummy.

I have that dress in navy/blue patterns. I like how you styled it--I usually just wear it boringly by itself. Ahh! You're adorable! :)

Style Journey said...

Oh my gosh! All the food looks amazing. So glad your Little Guy enjoyed the holiday so much. Doing little traditions, something as simple as Smores, makes memories to last forever!

Oh, and the dress is adorable! I think I need to raid your sister's closet too. :)

Mimi said...

Such a cute outfit! I let my nails go for long periods of time too...love all the treats you made!!

Tara said...

Such an adorable dress! And I kind of love that belt, too :)

And yeah, you're making me hungry...my mother-in-law promised me s'mores this weekend, and it totally didn't happen. So sad!

Claire said...

how cute do you look? i love that belt!!! and yum. that food looks delicious. especially love that flag sandwich. and i really want to have smores. delicious!


Megan Mae said...

Love that belt. The food looks so delish!

Anonymous said...

Look at you Betty Crocker! That food looks AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress!!!