Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day Six - Unexpected . . . And a Winner!!

First things first. =) The winner of the giveaway generated by is Kish of Me, Myself & Style. I'll be sending you an email shortly!! 

Okay, now on to other important things. Like how I approached the challenge to wear something in an unconventional way.  I don't know how original it is to wear a flower clip on your belt, since I just did that Thursday, but I'm thinking it's not done all that often by grown women because I got quite a few odd looks when I wore this to work yesterday.

Shirt: Maurices, Thrifted
Dress: Target
Skinny Belt: Target
Flower Clip: My Little Missy's from Ebay ;)
Sandals: Borrowed from my Sister

Bracelets: Assortment from Old Navy & Bealls
Ring: Premier Designs Jewelry

So, my unconventional items today are (obviously) the giant flower at my waistline, and this dress being remixed into a skirt. What do you think? Is that big ole flower a success? Or a massive failure?  A part of me thinks that if I had gone with a smaller flower in a shade of turquoise instead of a giant one polka dotted one, it would complement the outfit better.  So, go ahead, let me have it. That's what blogging's all about. Figuring out what works and what doesn't. =)

If you want to see how other participants are dressing in an unconventional way, go HERE!!


Style Journey said...

Go Kish!

I think it's cute. It is definitely unconventional, but not crazy. Maybe if it was smaller like you said, or even a wider belt, it would even out the proportion? Either way it is cute, and your shirt is adorable!


Bravoe Runway said...

I think you look great and Tip #4 does get the better of us! Love this outfit and I like how you've dressed up this dress several times this week and each look is different! You are doing a fantastic job with the challenges!

Kish said...

Wooohoooooo!!!!! I'm doing a happy dance in my head right now (too tired to stand up)!! ;) Thanks, Tiffany!

So, I like the way you used this flower clip(and I love the flower clip itself). The outfit as a whole is a winner...just like me! Lol!

p.s. Can you wear the clip as an attachment to a bracelet?

Ally said...

The clip is cute. It adds some whimsy to the outfit!

Julie said...

I really like the flower on the belt and the remixed dress. I think this is a terrific look for a difficult challenge.


oomph. said...

flower is a huge success! i also think the dress works well as a skirt...and helllooo tiny waist!!

Autumn Van Weir said...

GO FOR IT!!! I love flowers, I love mixing patterns and I love the turquoise!!

Tara said...

Personally, I think the flower is perfect! I love it :)