Friday, September 30, 2011

You Can Call Me Copycat

Yep, I'm a copycat.  Not too long ago, Heather and Kayla remixed a pair of green cargo skinnies. Well, I just happen to have a pair of green cargo skinnies that are almost exactly like theirs.  I really wasn't sure what to do with them until I saw what they did. And then I copied two of Heather's outfits exactly. Seriously, go check out their remix. I pretty much just wore Heather's clothes.

Shirt & Cardi one piece ($10) & Bracelet ($3) - Bealls 
Green Cargo Skinnies ($4.98) - Target
Belt (Can't remember price or store)
Shoes (Gift) - Target
I wore this out to Carrabba's for a birthday dinner last Friday night with my sis and mom.
Top ($7) - Maurices
Bracelet - Borrowed from my Sis
Ring ($5): Glow Salon
Shoes ($6.95) -
I'm all about green and pink together lately.

And this outfit I wore to work the other day.  One of the teachers at the daycare commented that I looked really stylish. She made my day! =)
So, basically, I have Heather to thank for teaching me how to get dressed in the morning! =)


Fashion By Alicia said...

Cute! I think you aren't a copy cat your just gathered inspiration from their blog :)

Bravoe Runway said...

I like how you took Heather and Kayla's looks and used it as inspiration and made it into your own! You look great!

Style Journey said...

Aww! You made my day! Can't wait to show Kayla tonight! No copy cat at all! Love the two stripes look. That looks awesome :) Glad we could inspire you to use those cargo skinnies!


caramelchica said...

I have gray cargos that I've styled similarly to the first outfit!
Good looks for you!

Peggy said...

Cute! I have the same skinnies I got at Taget 75% off and I love them. I had to really stalk them to get them at lowest markdown though. Mine were $7.50. Hey, did u get any Missoni for Target? I'm still hunting one sweater! Acckkkkk. The skinnies look great on you!

Elle Sees said...

i have those pantssssss!
and will be wearing them with the new inspirations i've found today. have the best wkend!

Jayme and Mendi said...

VERY CUTE! We love Heather & Kayla too...they're wonderful! :)

We're following your blog now! Be sure to visit ours to enter our $50 Piperlime E-Giftcard Giveaway!!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

The Suburb Experiment said...

I love admiring blogger outfits and then realizing I have the stuff in my closet to make it happen. :) You do look super stylish!

The Suburb Experiment

Teresa said...

you look gorgeous in both, but i'm in love with the first look!! you know, i'm a big fan of cardigans and stripes :)


rlutz said...

Great styling those cargo them with all the stripes!!
Have a great weekend!!

suzanne said...

did you seriously get those pants for $5? that's awesome! they are super cute and really versatile!

Anonymous said...

Oh your always just so cute!

TaraMixandMatch said...

Love the cargos...I think they will go with so much!

Mongs said...

hmm... definitely like that rugged touch to the feminine outfits. Good contrast! The stripped on stripe top is so thrifty chic! I like the idea of pairing cargo jeans with heels. I have a pair of cargo jeans sitting inside my wardrobe, time to bring it to light! Thanks for the inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend!


Meagan said...

Those cargos looks great with the stripes!

Kish said...

Yes! I, too, have been keen on pink and green! I love both looks!

Anonymous said...

u've got great style!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, girl, don't be down on yourself for being a "copycat"... I don't think there's really such a thing. Really though. It's all inspiration--so consider yourself pleasantly inspired :D

I love the first look the most! I think it's super flattering and I love the colors. I saw a pair of these army green skinnies and Joe Fresh tonight and wished for them because of YOUR post--thanks for that. Haha. Sadly, I couldn't get them... Oh budget, why! Haha. You look like a babe!

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my last post about negative thinking. You're so sweet and I really appreciate you taking the time to read it--it was kind of lengthy!

All the best! :)
I Can Be Many Things

jamie said...

i totally need a pair! you look great!!


Claire said...

isn't it nice to be inspired by our blog friends?!!! i love the olive and pink, and it looks great with the double stripes too!

Loren said...

Love the double stripes on the first outfit! Not sure if it is just the better lighting but I definitely like it the best.

Bonnie said...

These pants are purrrrr-fect. I have been looking, searching, scouring the area for pants like this because I NEED them. And I have come up with nothing. And I'm sad. This --> :( - is my sad face.

... I'm such a dork.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anna said...

Hehe, I do see some of Heather in this!

I dropped my jaw when I saw the first picture. You'll likely be seeing me wear your clothes - that look is genius! Simple, edgy, and completely cool!

Unpretentious Teacher said...

Love both of these looks! I'm going to have to pull my skinnies out this week!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I always have the hardest time remixing green cargos as well. You pulled it off beautifully! Both outfits are great :)

Olivia said...

I love both these look- unlike some of your other commenters, I love mixing my cargos with almost anything- I have a green paid and a tan pair- and I've mixed them with blazers, girly blouses, t-shirts, everything. You did a great job with your outfits, H&K are great inspirations.

Liv @

oomph. said...

the cargos and stripes was one of my favorites from their remix, too!

i love it with the soft pink sweater, too!

You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

FAB said...

I really love those cargo skinnies on you...they look amazing! Both outfits are great! nice job copycatting!