Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Post - Heather & Kayla

I'm setting sail today, so I've asked a few girls to fill in for me and talk to my readers about their favorite vacations and what they like to pack for vactation!  Today's post comes from two of the cutest bloggers in Ohio, Heather and Kayla!


Hello Breakfast with Tiffany friends!  We are Heather and Kayla with H&K Style Journey.  While Tiffany is away on her cruise (so fun!) she asked us if we would share with all of you one of our favorite vacations.

While some of you may not think that camping is a vacation, this is something that our family does every 4th of July holiday.  It's been a tradition for us for many years and it has brought us a ton of family memories.  We live in Ohio, so our destination is beautiful Lake Erie.  We always stay in the same campground, usually get the same spot every year, and yes, we rough it in a tent!

Our humble abode! Here is Miss M, A  (Kayla's friend), and Kayla
Every summer we plan trips to the beach, lots of bike riding, sometimes mini trips to Cedar Point or Put-in-Bay (a little island in Lake Erie), and just lots of relaxing and fun.

Kayla on the ferry ride to Put-in-Bay (or South Bass Island)
Heather in front of the fountain at Put-in-Bay
Look at all the people! You have to get to the beach early if you want a good spot

Probably our favorite thing to do while camping, besides eating tons of smores, is to go to the beach!  We always end up sun burned, tired, and hungry, but always happy when we get to swim and hang out. 

Camping and roughing it is a nice change for us.  We can throw out the fashion, wear baseball caps, no make up, and just have fun!  What are some of your favorite vacations? 
Thanks to Tiffany for asking us to share one of our favorite vacations with your readers.  Have a great time on your cruise and we can't wait to see your pictures!

Camping, wow!! I'm not a camping fan, but I AM a beach fan! =) There's not much better (to me) than a day at the beach, coming back with that sunkissed glow and relaxing . . . on the couch! ;)  Thanks for taking care of my readers today! If you don't already know Heather and Kayla (and I'm sure you do, because they're kind of a big deal), then stop by their blog and say check them out!


Lissa said...

We used to go camping every year when I was a kid...I loved it! Relaxed, low maintenance vacations are the best!

Fashion By Alicia said...

Love Heather and Kayla! Such a fun vacation.

silvergirl said...

camped when the sons were young
been there done that and hope to never do it again!!
although the beach part looks pretty awesome

Claire said...

ooohhh, i love camping! though haven't gone since the eldest kiddo was a baby. maybe when they're all a tad older :) but you guys look like you're having so much fun!!!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love Heather and Kayla, they are so sweet and fashionable! I'm glad you featured them. I'm not much of a camping or beach girl, I'm more into the cool weather of the mountainside!

oomph. said...

our family hasn't camped in ages, but my friend and her family goes every year and they invite us. we usually go for the day, but come home to our nice comfy beds, lol!