Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guest Post - Lisa

It's my very last day aboard the cruise ship. Cross your fingers for me that the weather is beautiful and that I'm soaking up some rays on my heavily sunscreened body. ;)  Today, I have the super cute Lisa from Shoestring Fashion here to share her outfits for vacation!
I want to thank Tiffany for having me guest post today. She asked me to write about what I like to wear on vacation. I have a confession to make: my vacation clothes don't vary much from  my regular everyday clothes. I might wear slightly more flats than in "real life" but that is about it. If there was ever a time to look good it is on vacation, right? I mean all those photographs! He he he!
I'm a firm believer in layers when you are on vacation because you never know how fickle the local weather will be, or how hot it will be outside and freezing inside, for example.

Here are some of my favorite looks from our last couple of family vacations.
 Legoland, Fall 2010. Cardigans are key when traveling. (I wish I still had this one! So cute. You can't see but it had a flower on it.)

 Legoland, Fall 2010. Same look as before minus the cardigan and plus one handsome Hagrid.

San Deigo Museum of Art, Fall 2010. Walking shorts with a cardigan (told you, key).

On the road again, heading to Arizona in our RV, Fall 2011. This was travel day one and with an early start and being on the road 6-8 hours, leggings were a must.

Me and a catus, Fall 2011. Very similar to the first San Diego look: cardigan, cropped pants and flats.

Southern California, Fall 2011. (I'm in the date capital of the world! Can you guess where I am?) On our way home from Arizona. Comfy blouse, rolled jeggings, sandals.
Ok, one more confession: looking back through my vacation pictures I was like, "oh yeah, that was a cute outfit." I may be recycling some looks soon.
Thanks again, Tiffany!


Isn't she precious?!?  I kind of wish I had that adorable grey and white striped shirt and that infinity scarf on right now!  Thanks for filling in for me, Lisa!!  Now head on over to her corner of the blogosphere and say hi!  =)


Fashion By Alicia said...

Love Lisa! I hope you enjoy your last day on the cruise ship. I typically go with my same looks for vacation as every day wear.

Capsule Contents said...

Hope your cruise was great!

Lisa said...

Thanks Tiffany! I hope you had a great trip!

Clara Turbay said...

Love it all.