Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day in a big way or a small way or don't celebrate it at all, I hope you had a great day!  

The Hubs surprised me with flowers at work and then we came home and made heart shaped pizzas with the kidlets.  Only my Little Guy doesn't like pizza, so he made heart shaped cheesy bread.

He also wanted a star. =)

The rest of them turned out more like this.

Of course, I tried to dress for Valentine's Day because I love any excuse to be cheesy and festive. =)

Dress: Sisters
Pink Cardigan: Maurices
Purple Tank: Express
Tights & Belt: Target
Booties: JCPenney

What do you think?  Too much with the heart printed tights and the pattern mixing? Or just enough with the pale pink cardi and purple tank? What did you wear today?

I'm linking up today with The Pleated Poppy! =)


Cara said...

Heart shaped pizza! So cute! We had a busy day, so we ate McDonalds... I could have at least cut that into heart shapes!

Danielle said...

Found your blog via the Linky follower Blog hop,...Am now following your cute blog. Hope you will stop by and say hi. Maybe follows as well:>


CC said...

Love the tights and booties! So cute together. Definitely a perfect outfit for V-day. Or any other day for that matter. We're girls. We should be able to wear pink and purple and hearts any day we want! ;)

Ivana said...

Those pizzas looks amazing! And I love your stylish black & white outfit, and those cute tights!

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Macarons and Pearls

K said...

Aw, this is so cute!! i want a heart pizzA!!!!!

love K

Heather said...

That's so cute - flowers at work are the best :) And I love your striped dress!



Kristin said...

I think the hearts and stripes look adorbs together!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Never too much- I love the pale pink, those heart tights and your borrowed dress from your sis! :) Plus those heart shaped pizzas are adorable- what a neat idea!

Maria Jose Ovalle said...

looooooooove the tights! looks so good, I like mixing it up. And that heart pizza is cool

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

You looked really cute Tiffany! Love that dress and your heart tights! Those pizzas and cheesy bread are awesome. HAHAHA Love the heart shaped plates too!

Amanda I said...

Heart shaped pizzas are a Great idea!

New follower from Show Some Love Linkup

K said...

Hi Tiffany!

I just had to write back on your blog, I Laughed out so loud when I saw your amazing comment!! Thank you Love, you made my day!! :) I have only been blogging for 2 months, but i hope the rest of the world thinks like you so i will have a gazillion readers in a few months, haha! :) Feel free to start the trend!!

(still really feeling like that heart pizza!!)
Love K

Fashion By Alicia said...

Those heart shaped pizzas are amazing! Such a fun idea for kids. Love your heart shaped tights.

Elle Sees said...

So cute! And thanks for your sweet comment :)

Annie said...

Those heart shaped pizzas are the cutest! And I am LOVING that dress you are wearing :)

The Other Side of Gray

Melissa said...

I looooove this! Those tights are perfect!

We went to my BFF's house and her daughter made heart shaped pizza for us too! So fun! :)

oomph. said...

ok, this is the second post today about homemade pizza. i am making this this weekend!!! YUM!

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Megan Mae said...

What cute pizzas! So adorable. I love your striped dress with the heart tights.

Carly said...

Adorable tights...and love the booties! First time stopping in....Hope you had a lovely Vday.

Shea said...

Heart-shaped pizzas, too cute! And I love your festive look, those tights are so fun!

Laura Go said...

Heart pizzas and heart printed tights? oooohh eemmmmm geeeee! SO CUTE!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Kassi said...

Stripes and polka dots?! You spoil us. You are beyond adorable! Happy Belated V-Day


Claire said...

this is so cute. love the way you did those little pizzas. the outfit is adorable! love the stripes adn the super cute heart tights with the booties!


Fashion Pad said...

No the heart printed tights are really cute. I want a pair!!!

@jackiegiardina said...

OMG the tights!!!!!!!!!!!!! obsessed!!! & that necklace is one of my favs too

xo Jackie

carissa at lowercase letters said...

you are so sassy in the cutest of ways!!! : )

Tara said...

I'm going with perfect on this one...I am kind of in love with those tights!

Also, pizza. I am definitely, definitely in love with pizza.

J9 STYLE said...

This is probably the cutest Valentine's outfit I've seen. Love it!

Bravoe Runway said...

This is a cute outfit, love the little heart tights and heart shaped pizza??? YUM and so cute! The bracelet you see in today's 1st post is from Tory Burch, we tweeted back and forth but I rarely scroll through old tweets ;)

Munchie's Mama said...

Such a cute outfit and I love those heart pizzas! Thanks so much for join in the linky followers fest! So happy to have you!

the domestic fringe said...

I love your dress and tights! Super cute.

Samantha said...

Tiffany!! I LOVE cheesy and festive!! LOL! That's so sweet of hubby and son! And love those heart tights and the pattern mixing!!

Happy {belated} Valentine's Day!

xo, sam

Heather said...

Love the outfit! Such cute tights.