Thursday, March 1, 2012

Partying with the Girls . . . and the Post-Preggo Pooch!

A friend of mine recently reached out to me on facebook and asked for some help styling an outfit for a girls' night.  The challenge she was facing is one that every mom on the planet faces at some point in her life . . . how to hide the post-partum pooch! 

I put together two looks (or actually three, since I gave two options in tops with the miniskirt) that would work to mask the belly and still allow her to feel like the hot mama she is!


Masking The Post-Preggo Pooch

The first look is built around a mini skirt, tights and heels, because that is what my friend was planning to wear and requested a top to match.  This look is all about the pop of color.  It's a fairly simple look, but the mini and sky-high heels, along with the pop of color, will allow any mom to feel like her pre-preggo self and have a good time with her girlfriends!  My personal favorite is the teal and black blazer.

And just because I like to go above and beyond (on anything that I think is fun), I put together a second look, too. =)

Out with the Girls

The key when putting together a look to mask that pregnancy pooch is to go with flowy tops that have a lot of fabric, like the two tops in the first look.  That both have gathered fronts that just kind of fall over your stomach.  The blazer will help to give the look definition and cinch in the waist a bit. 

I love the edginess in the accessories in the second look!  The leather wrap bracelets and tough statement rings would probably help me in my sleep-deprived haze as a new mom to feel like my old self again. ;)
So, what did you like to wear as a new mom to mask the post-partum pooch?  Or if you're not a mom, what do you think about these looks?

Also, while you're here, go check out the giveaway that I'm having over on my facebook page! And stay tuned because I'm announcing a fun group giveaway here on the blog tomorrow!!


rolala said...

Great color pop on both outfits!
rolala loves

TaraMixandMatch said...

Love the color choices here!

Capsule Contents said...

Great choices...especially good advice about the flowy tops. It almost feels "weird" at first to get dressed post-prego; but be confident...and good make-up helps too!

Claire said...

oh how i need this right now! i went out with some friends last night and wore a loose fitting top over some tight maternity jeans. haha. great ideas though with highlighting skinnier areas like the legs and to wear a blazer to distract from the tummy section. also the cute ruffle tops.

rlutz said...

Great outfits...I am in love with that pink blazer!!

Keely said...

Love these ideas and outfits!

❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

i'm all about the edginess, too. the second look is my fave, but both are great! you can't go with blazer looks--so classy and put-together, and hides your problem areas very well. :)


Mongs said...

I like these style montages. You put together some really chic outfits. Pink and turquoise is just the right color combo. Bright colors and loose tops fo distract the eyes so people wouldn't focus so much on d bulges.


Girlie Blogger said...

Gorgeous styles. I guess it really depends on what she's doing for girls' night, but I think both outfits are versatile. Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I think those are great!! It's always a boost to look nice after giving birth and not always so easy when you feel tired and your body is still getting back to pre-pregnancy!!I think these are great choices, very beautiful and easy to relax in!! xx

Fashion By Alicia said...

Great use of color! Such fun going out looks.

Annie said...

Such fun colors in these outfits - love it!

The Other Side of Gray

oomph. said...

i'm loving the blues and pinks anchored by black. it's very striking. ah, yes, the pooch. it's a never-ending struggle.