Friday, March 27, 2015

Fashion Friday: Gingham Ain't for Sissies

So, gingham. It's not for the faint of heart, let me tell ya. First of all, you must search high and low for gingham. Target? Not there. Maurices? Nope. Old Navy? Not even a stitch. Is that crazy or what?? For the past few years, Old Navy has been my go-to place for gingham camp shirts! And they had none. Nada. Zilch.

Now all of these stores had super cute plaid camp shirts, but not a single stitch of gingham. Okay, I'm done ranting. We finally found gingham at New York & Company. Now, I'm a NY&Co fan. I love their dresses and jeans and their shorts. But their gingham?? Wellll.....

When I think of gingham, I picture this or even this. Not blazers and pencil skirts and blouses.... That's just not my style. So, we were in a pickle to think of a way that would fit both Tabitha's romantic style and my edgier, eclectic style.

And... here they are!

Date Night
 photo gingham blazer_zpshq20pf5y.jpg

Of course, I'm a firm believer that accessories make an outfit! And take a look at these accessories!

 photo accessories1_zpsyewgccud.jpg
Plunder by Tabitha
Jamberry by Tiffany

Off to Church and Lunch Date
 photo gingham_zpsw8d41ogw.jpg

Those shorts I'm wearing, believe it or not, they're purple. You just can't tell in these photos, hence my favorite purple jams ever, Desert in Dusk.

 photo accessories2_zpswelsriyt.jpg

So, what do you think? Is gingham something you'd wear? Which look is your favorite?

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Fashion Friday: Dear Darling Denim

Tabitha and I paired up again this week to bring you our spin on the denim trend! Make sure you head over to her blog to see how she wore it!!
I love denim. Oh, I reallllly love denim. From about November until February, I'm sporting my skinny jeans every day of the week... But bringing denim into spring and summer (especially in humid climates like Florida!) can be tricky!

Enter the lightweight, breezy jumpsuit!

 photo denim jumpsuit_zps7ghjdif3.jpg
Jumpsuit, Tank, Shirt: JCPenney's

Yes, I obviously need a pair of wedges with this jumpsuit because I have itty bitty legs and this one was made for a model.... However, it's cute, right?!?!  I kind of love it. And it's so breezy. I can totally see myself lounging on a yacht, sipping a glass of lemonade and reading the latest novel . . . in this jumpsuit. Yep, I love it.

When paired with the coral button up and statement necklace, it's combines so many of the trends (floral, denim, brights) for spring, while still looking like a classy, thirty-five year old. Oops, I just 'fessed up. Yeah, I'm 35. My age just won't stop climbing, no matter what I do! ;)

Now, the jams in the lower right corner are called Bookworm. Aren't they completely adorable?!? Two of my all-time favorite colors for spring and summer are coral and turquoise . . . which brings us to Denim Outfit Number 2! =)

 photo denim shirt_zpsvsyuuzxp.jpg
Skirt, Tank & Denim Top: JCPenney's

This skirt had my heart skipping beats, you guys! Like I instantly fell hard core, head over heels in LOVE. <<Um, I actually bought it, I loved it so much!>>

So, here's the thing. When I'm hunting for a good denim shirt, if I'm planning to use it during the spring and summer, I always go for the ones that are light weight... Because nobody wants to spend their days sweltering in thick, stiff denim during the hot summer! JCPenney's actually had a great selection of lightweight denim shirts! And denim shirts are soooo versatile. You can wear it tucked into a pencil skirt, half tucked into a pair of shorts, tied up over any number of maxi dresses... I love a good denim shirt!

Then those jams. Those pretty Shaved Ice jams!! Don't they just coordinate beautifully with that skirt?? That's one of the (many) things that hooked me on jams... there are different styles and colors for every different personality and . . . outfit!

So, what do you think? Which denim look would you wear this spring? Denim Jumpsuit or Denim Shirt?

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday Style: Bringing a little bit of Edge to Stepford

You guys. I totally took my Stepford Wife dress and added a bit of my funky style to it and made it my own and I pink puffy heart love it!

 photo IMG_0382_zpswn95rjn0.jpg
Dress: Bealls
Vest: Kohls
Heels: Dillards
Jewelry: Premier Designs

Okay, so here's how this whole look came about. It's kind of funny.... but then my stories always are, right?!? ;)

When I started getting dressed this morning, I had big plans to wear the exact same outfit I wore when I first wore this dress a few years ago. Then I put on my pretty little cardigan and . . . it felt weird. Like it was kind of loose and baggy around my waist and really snug in my arms. Like uncomfortably snug. And then it hit me... It's my guns!

 photo IMG_0383_zps5lt8mcm6.jpg

Isn't that crazy?!? I'm the girliest girl in the world and here I've got biceps that are bulging out of my cardigan. Haha! Maybe it's time to cut back a bit at boot camp? Nah. I've become a bit addicted to the sweaty high of gym hair and sore muscles.

 photo IMG_0381_zpsidcao21m.jpg

Okay, so upon that realization, I decided to toss on my denim vest and throw in some leopard for a funky, little bit edgy, Stepford Wife look.

Anyways, ladies!! I hope you're all enjoying your Monday. Oh, wait. that's silly. Who really enjoys Mondays?? Unless, of course, you live in sunny Florida and you're heading to the beach! Because that's where I'm at today!

Oh yeah! And about my semi-edgy, prissy look up there... what do you think? Love it or Leave it?? Fabulous or Failure?? Never ever try to do that again? Or go for it? =)

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fashion Friday: Marsala Two Ways

Hey y'all!! Happy Friday and welcome to Fashion Friday, where moms drop everything they're doing and dress up in the latest trends and fashions . . . or something like that. ;) 

Tabitha and I have been tackling the Top Five Fashion Trends for spring and Marsala is on the list.

Blah. Marsala. 

That's how I feel about that color. It's like a mix of mud and wine and that just doesn't scream "spring" to me!

But, here's the thing about Marsala... It can come in a variety of shades, like this. 

With that in mind, I searched through all kinds of items ranging between mud and red wine and came up two looks I'd actually wear!

My favorite, (hello, SAHM!) is the casual look.It's kind of a no brainer since I spend most of my day hanging out with the kiddos and working on my laptop.  Since I've stopped working, I just can't "work up" an interest in dressing up! Ha. 

Marsala Gone Casual

Top, Shorts, Bag, Sandals: Old Navy
Necklace: Molli

I love how the cute charm on Molli pops against the top! And those jams!! Fowl Play is kind of perfect, right?? 

Marsala... All Dressed Up

Skirt, Top, Shoes, Clutch & Sunnies: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Charlotte

I'm dying over this necklace. <<running off to purchase right now>>  Seriously, the picture doesn't do it justice. Keep your eye on my Instagram, because I bet you anything I'll be wearing it soon!

So, yeah, that's Marsala two ways. And it's not horrifyingly ugly. I amaze even myself. ;) Okay, so you want to see another super cute Marsala look?? Check out how Tabitha styled it on Tabitha's Tiara Life!

Until next time, y'all! Have a beautiful weekend! =)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Fashion Friday: Look for Less with Rue 21

Happy Fashion Friday, y'all!!

The lovely Tabitha and I have incorporated the fun and entertaining (at least to us!) Fashion Friday into our businesses. I polled my fans in my VIP Customer group and on my Facebook page to see which look they wanted me to recreate.

 photo look for less choices_zpsmjyejn7n.jpg

And hands down, Number 2 was the favorite!

We chose Rue 21 to choose our affordable pieces and that was a great choice! When I think of Rue 21, I think of bootie shorts and crop tops . . . and you know what? They totally had those!  But they also had maxi dresses and maxi skirts and skinny jeans (that would even fit over my mama hips!) and some really cute tops that I can't wait to wear this spring! My favorite thing about this store?? The prices!! Oh my, the prices were right up my frugal alley!

So, here's the way that I interpreted the look in two slightly different ways.

 photo 2551966f-9fd1-4b6d-ada6-73b82fd5d88c_zpssaybzjlv.jpg
All clothes and shoes: Rue 21
Jewelry: Plunder Designs

I pulled the color turquoise from this look, flipped it and wore it on the bottom. =) See, the one problem with stores that are geared for the younger generation? The shorts are a tad too short for this mama! But these skinny jeggings, especially when cropped, fit my style to a tee! From what I could tell from the colors and designs, nautical is going to be a big trend again this spring, which makes my anchor loving heart very happy.

 photo close up collage_zpshjplgp2k.jpg

My Chic in Pink lipstick that was in my Stylebox saved the day and kept my little ole lips from fading into my ghostly pale face. And these Nautical jams??? Kinda perfect, right?

I'm loving my Plunder jewelry!! These fabulous mint earrings and gorgeous necklace are going to steal the show in Cancun! (Oh, yeah... I totally forgot to tell you guys that Jamberry is sending me to Cancun! Wha- what?? More on that later!)

 photo bf7c7ed8-d089-4129-82e0-66a7706a6718_zpscm0jewjv.jpg

When I wear jeggings, I'm always careful to wear a longer shirt that covers up my booty a bit. Nobody wants to see all that.

And finally, you get an almost exact flip of the outfit that inspired the look. White on top, turquoise on bottom, with a pop of coral on the feet.

 photo collage_zpsj0tq8gnf.jpg

And for the perfectly feminine second interpretation, I'd say Chamelionaire. I mean, the corals and blues with that sparkly silver?? Perfect!

Which of the two looks would you actually wear? The nautical one or the feminine one?

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunday Style: Mama Needs Lipstick

Well, hey there.

I know, I know, it's been . . . a year?? Already?? Wow.

I know, you're just dying to know where I've been all this time, am I right? Well, I had a baby. Yep, surprise, surprise, I was pregnant. That's what that huge bump was under my shirt. So, yeah, I had a baby, took off and became engrossed in my new business, started boot camp. My word, y'all. Boot camp is intense and so totally worth EVERY single aching muscle. Oh! And I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom now... and loving it! Is my house clean all the time like I thought it would be? Nope. It turns out you actually have to enjoy cleaning for that to happen. Ha, that's not me!

Anyways, my friend and I decided to start a fun Fashion Friday segment for our businesses. She is in the jewelry business and I'm in the pretty nail business... I mean, they go hand in hand! <<pun totally intended>>  So, we made this video last week and that's when it hit me. Ah, the fun and friendly world of blogging... I miss it!

So, while we were out shopping for our Floral Invasion, I picked up this pretty number at Target on the clearance rack for a mere $6!! Wha-what???

 photo IMG_9715_zpsiyjqlmp3.jpg
Dress: Target ($6)
Cardigan: Target ($6)
Shoes: Madden Girl
Jewelry: Premier

Check out the jams that would go oh, so perfectly with this outfit that combined two top trends of 2015 - both floral and marsala!! Sweet!

 photo marsala_zpscb3rhcon.jpg

Okay, so y'all stay posted! New things are coming to the blog and they're going to be big. I'm talking huge. Like of epic proportions. Yep, you'll definitely want to stick around. =)

While we're talking about all things Marsala, which of those jams is your favorite up there? The chevron, the faded polka, the floral or the stripe? I'm loving the bold stripe!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Preggo Style: Stretching Your Wardrobe

A lovely lady commented on my last post and made me realize... this is what I should have said.

Moms, we all have HUGE, major, big deal jobs taking care of our kids. Raising them to the best of our abilities. Taking care of the little things like runny noses and scraped knees and taking care of the big things like surgeries and first days of school. 

Not only is our job as a mom a big deal. It can be tough.  It's hard to be sleep deprived, whether you stay home with the kids or not. It's hard being pleasant with whiny children, whether you stay home with them or come home to them after a day at work.  It's hard work, raising these children.

We're all doing our very best for our children, day in and day out.  And yes, it is incredibly rewarding to feel their little arms wrap around our necks. It's incredibly rewarding to hear them whisper, "I love you so much, momma." It's incredibly rewarding to feel so much love towards those little people that your heart feels like it could burst.

But it's tough. No matter what your job is, no matter what your title is.  It's a tough job being a mom. It's a busy job being a mom.  It's exhausting being a mom.  

And without a doubt, we all rock.

That's what I should have said.

 photo IMG_5910_zps7f3b7ff8.jpg
Dress: Merona - Target
Boots: Shoedazzle
Blazer: maurices

And now I'll tell you how you can stretch your wardrobe to fit your growing bump. Basically, it's a simple formula. 

Stretchy dresses + blazers or cardigans = regular clothes that work on the preggo body.

 photo IMG_5912_zps083b0e93.jpg

26 weeks and 3 days... not that I'm counting.
 photo IMG_5911_zps790fd8c5.jpg

I am loving my Jamberry nail wraps! They last on your fingers for at least two weeks, but I've been changing them out every 7 to 10 days because I want a new look. They're just so much fun! Have you heard of them?!?

 photo IMG_5913_zpsf583d97e.jpg
Necklace: Premier Designs Jewelry

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