Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flowy Skirt + Gust of Wind = Bad Idea

Was it a windy day today?  No, it wasn't.  Was it windy as I was walking into Target on my lunch break?  For some reason, yes, it was, and we nearly had a wardrobe malfunction.  Fortunately, as the big gust of wind tore into my skirt, my hands were free and I was able to keep myself clothed!

Today, I was trying lots of new and different things.  I'm not a big scarf girl, but I picked up this cute scarf yesterday and decided to try it out.  I knotted it around my neck the only way I knew how and it looked . . . well, not that great.  I got to work and started reading today's blogs and what did I find?!?! An amazing tutorial from the beautiful Linley! So, I used one of her methods that allowed me to hide the ruffles on my cardigan.  Not that the ruffles aren't cute, because they totally are.  But I thought that ruffles and the printed scarf were a bit much.  I did not do the scarf justice! But I'll learn. =)

I'm also feeling like maybe I'm learning from Tiffany by branching out a bit in the color department.  I'm also using her little trick of tying a knot in the back of my shirt to make it fit the way I wanted it to. I didn't like the way the shirt looked untucked. It just looked messy.  When I tucked it in, I didn't like the way it laid against my post-baby belly (yes, eight months later, I still have that belly!). But then I thought of the knot and . . . voila!! I was happy.

So, thank you, Linley and Tiffany for helping to make my outfit work today!

Shirt: Forever 21
Tank top: Express
Mossimo Cardigan: Target (Part of the Swap I'm doing with my sis)
Scarf: OohLaLa (A local boutique)
Mossimo Skirt: Target (Another swapped item)
Shoes: RSVP from

This is a better shot of the shoes.

I must say... these pictures weren't taken until after work.  That is why I'm looking down, so that you can't see the washed out barely there makeup or the not-so-cute hair. Oh, well, we do what we can when we can!


Amber Lena said...

Cuuute shoes! I do the head down pose all the time, and they are some of my best shots!

I talked about scarf tying in this post

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Rachel Nelson said...

You are braver then me! I have never had the gumption to try the scarf thing...but looks like I need to do some reading and try it out.

Leah said...

Trust me, I'm freezing in this weather but I'm glad you can't notice in the pictures.
Great shoes!
xo L.

Tiffany said...

Thanks! I love those shoes! =)

@Rachel, I'm loving the scarves lately. Today, I'm wearing one tied the way that Brittney does hers on and I love it!

Linley said...

the wind is always a pain when it comes to snapping photos! trust me, i know! the wind knocked over my tripod last challenge and broke my camera... it was a horrible day! glad my tutorial helped you out! your scarf looks lovely!

and thanks for the tips for working out the pain in my shin! i'll definitely be giving it a try!

Meredith said...

those shoes umm: ROCK. love them. and once again, i loved your comment! blogger envy is a curse, we're all fighting it. united we stand to stay positive though!:)

Linda said...

I never had a baby and that belly is still on me. Hm.
The blues and pinks here are beautiful together. And I love the flow-iness of that skirt!

The Auspicious Life

Ashley said...

You look awesome Tiffany!!!

Alana said...

Love the blue and pink together and those shoes!

Tiffany said...
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