Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I Want Thursday - New Orleans Edition

I've seen "Things I Love Thursdays" around the blogosphere and decided to do my little spin on it.  I was recently reading Andie's post about a brunch she had at Commander's Palace. It made my mouth water for deliciousness that you can only find in New Orleans.  Here are a few things I want today!!

*sigh* A nice big pile of boiled crawfish, corn on the cob, potatoes and sausage lying atop a card table covered in yesterday's newspaper. I'd wash it all down with a can of ice cold coke. That would really hit the spot. Sure, my fingers and hands would smell fishy all day long, no matter how much lemon juice and salt I use to scrub them down, but it would be totally worth it.

Heavenly Hash, Gold Brick & Pecan Eggs

 Since moving away from New Orleans, I can always count on one thing: My mom and Meme still put together an "Easter Basket" of sorts for me.  Maybe it's not quite a basket, but it's a bag or canister full of goodies, and always, without fail, it contains these candies.  I mean, what is Easter in New Orleans without these staples? =) I honestly can't wait to get mine this year! *hint hint* Don't forget about me this year, please! ;-)

Aaaah, gumbo. I haven't made gumbo in quite a while, but I may have to make some soon.  Maybe even tomorrow night when we have shrimp poboys for Gabe's birthday dinner. (Fried shrimp is his absolute favorite!)

Can you tell I'm kind of homesick today for some delicious Southern New Orleans style food?


Tara said...

While I have never been a big fan of crawfish (or, wasn't a big fan, the one time I had it, on a trip to New Orleans), I am 100% behind you on the gumbo. Holy cats, that looks amazing...

Claire said...

gumbo? crawfish? yummy. oh my gosh. i want some!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

i really want to experience the New Orleans food! gosh,, crawfish? looks very interesting...! but I am a no no to chocolates=)except when someone gives me a gift!

Same mom like you from

suzanne said...

all of these things make my mouth water! i've never had any of the candies that you posted, but the heavenly hash looks amazing!

new orleans is on my list of places to visit soon. i've always loved the history, architecture and scenery. plus, i love to eat so i imagine i would have no shortage of delicious new things to try!

i hope you get to go home soon!

awkwardly chic

Layla said...

I'm kinda dying for some crawfish and gumbo too! I totally miss living in the South around this time of year. Are you from LA? I grew up in Monroe, La.