Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday - I ♥ Turquoise

It's definitely my favorite spring/summer color. I adore it. 

Black dress: Target clearance rack ($14.98)
Turqoise cardi, teal belt & bracelets: Target
Necklace: Swiped from my sister =)
Turqoise shoes: rsvp from
Flower clip: Flapper Fashions

I have a confession to make. I really like these shoes. I like the way they make me feel (when I'm standing still or sitting). I like the way they look (when I'm standing still or sitting). However, I have to apologize to my friends and coworkers who have seen me today and to my friends who saw me at church on Sunday.  (Yep, this is another re-wear)See, they kind of make me walk like a lurching member of the undead. If it were just the height, I think I could get used to them.  But it's not.  They're also just a teensy tad bit too big and they slip off my feet occasionally.  I even bought those sticky things that you stick in the heels of shoes. They still slip off. What's really embarassing is when I'm walking in the daycare parking lot, holding my 9-month old on one hip and the hand of my almost three-year old and my shoe slips off and I nearly trip and fall. Ha. I'm sure people are looking at me and wondering "WHY, why is she wearing such unsensable shoes when she can't walk in them?" Well, I'll answer your question. They're cute. And they're my favorite spring color. And they were $6.95. *sigh*  And I probably won't get much more wear out of them because they just aren't working.

These flower clips however, I'm getting TONS of use out of. =) When I find something I love, I wear the heck out of it and that's just what I've been doing with these. =)

My husband will be mortified that I posted pictures of our overgrown yard. He's been out of commission the past few weeks with this and that and hasn't had a chance to do yard work and well . . . that's not my job! ;-)

And apparently, I have no other pose than the "hands on the hip" pose


Kish said...

Tiffany, you look great in this outfit! And I absolutely had to laugh out loud as you described yourself holding your baby and walking out of your shoe! That is so me...even without a child in my arms! I don't blame you for not passing up a good deal and trying to wear those shoes until...well, I would say until the "wheels fall off"', but I'll just say until the HEELS fall off!!! =)

By the way, I really appreciate your comments on my posts!

Have a good one!

Linley said...

this turquoise and black look fabulous on you!! (:

Taylor said...

Loooove. Great LBD! I have done the same thing with shoes I was so desperate to hang onto even though they were too big - foam inserts + gel inserts + heel pads... once I even tried VELCRO plus all of the above.

Tara said...

I. Want. Those. SHOES!!!

But I know where you're coming from on the size thing...I have a pair like that. I picked them up when I was pregnant, so they are of the big-pregnancy-feet size, which means I've absolutely almost wiped out in front of co-workers multiple times. Oops :)

This Life, Redefined…stop by and say hi!

Cee said...

OH I LOVE YOUR SHOES! The color is absolutely gorgeous. Whoever looks at you funny obviously doesn't have good taste in shoes. Duh :)

Daphne said...

I love the colors of the outfit a lot. hey, can you make your photos x-large? It is very hard to see the outfit when they are this small. It would also help if you cropped them so they are more zoomed in on you. Just suggestions of course. Sorry about the shoes. I hate when shoes I like are not walkable. Such a small minor detail right!?

oomph. said...

the shoes really are a fabulous color! i need to add some color to my shoe wardrobe. but a friend was right when saying, "a man will pay twice as much for something he needs, while a woman will buy something they don't need because it's cheap." um, so true! i've bought so many things because they were cheap, thinking i could make it work somehow. maybe you can just wear them while sitting at your desk :)

Leah said...

Love the turquoise with the black. You should check out my post today, I posted about your comment! And you can incorporate those cowgirl boots in these outfits perfectly!

xo L.
P.S. Thanks for including me in your Blogroll!

Anonymous said...

I love those shoes, especially how they give a pop of colour to the outfit!

Andie said...

this is precious on you! turquoise is a great color.. and the shoes are awesome! :)

Kamila said...

your look is awesome!!!!

xoxo Kami

Michelene said...

Love your outfit! Your blog makes me laugh!! Especially "And apparently, I have no other pose than the "hands on the hip" pose." :) Teehee!
I am so very jealous of your beautiful green yard!! I still have 4 feet of snow in some places on my grass! Spring is coming to MT soon, I hope!! :)
Hope you're having a great Thursday!!

featherfactor said...

Love turquoise on you! It's such a beautiful color (also adore the color of your blog).

McKell said...

you are so cute!! I WANT THOSE SHOES!!!!!
so glad you've gotten your use out of those clips :)

The Suburb Experiment said...

Those shoes are so pretty!! I have a pair that make me walk like that too. I ended up stuffing tissue paper into the toe. :)

Our kids are almost the exact same ages! Give or take a month.


Tiffany said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!!

@Daphne, I made the pics a bit bigger for my most recent post and hope it makes them easier to see! Thanks for the tips!

Grace:) said...

Lovin the color you're using these days. Turquoise looks good on you! Shoot.. We're going to have to start back up the whole swapping thing cuz I'm definitely seeing some outfits I want to borrow:)

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

Beautiful turquoises! I love those shoes.

Thank you so much for linking up with Jewelscapes Bejeweled Wednesdays!

Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

I just got the same dress the other day!! It was such a great price and looks AMAZING on! I love what you did with it :D