Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy, Busy Bee

Yep, that's me. Things at work had gotten really slow over the past year and I got . . . well, kind of lazy. I enjoyed the extra time I had to facebook and blog. Well, all of a sudden, we've gotten super busy at work and *gasp*, I no longer have all the time I need to feed my facebook and blog addiction! 

Added to that, I started a really good book  a week or so ago and since then, I've been reading it and the sequels in every spare moment I have at home. I tend to do that. When I've found a book (or series) I really like, I can't stop reading until the story ends.

Anyways, I totally forgot about EBEW's Maxi challenge, due to my Little Missy getting tubes in her ears. So, I wore a maxi dress to work on Wednesday. As I was leaving the house, I grabbed the wriststrap to my camera and do you want to know what happened?  It slipped out of my fingers and crashed to the floor. (If my sweet husband happens to be reading this, I'm sorry!! I was rushing out the door all while juggling my gym bag, the diaper bag, my purse and two kids!) Anyways, it's definitely out of commission now. When I turn it on, "Lens Error" flashes at me.  So, my co-worker snapped this quick picture with my cell phone so that my maxi dress would be documented. =) Aren't you so happy? I know... you were thinking that you don't know how you'd get through the day if you didn't see my maxi dress!

Dress: No idea. I've had it forever and ever
Cardi: Target
Tank: Express
Strappy black wedges that you can't see:
Necklace that's so blurry you can't tell how cute it is: Premier Designs Jewelry

On a slightly related note (related only in the sense of how hectic my life has been lately), I was rushed to get out the door this morning because my Little Man was acting like he was going to be sick again. So I just hopped into one of my go-to outfits.  Basically, when I don't have time to think about what to wear, I go to these skinny jeans, a pair of heels and a flowy shirt. Today, I added a cardi & belt because they were sitting there. On the floor of my closet, right in my line of sight.  Yep, I still haven't had time to properly organize my closet. I'll get there, my friends, I promise. One day. 

Ruffle front shirt & navy jewelry: Target
Cardi: American Eagle
Navy Belt: Thrifted for $2.00, One of the deals I recently mentioned!
Jeans: Eddie Bauer Outlet in Destin

And this, my friends, is what my co-workers get to see all afternoon when I spend my lunch break at the gym.  Sweaty hair? Check. Smeared makeup? Check. Red face? Check. 
Oh yeah... I look good!


Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

You are so funny. I am so sorry about the camera. If it makes you feel better I spilled a whole cup of tea over my laptop keybaord a year ago during one of those ridicilous moments with the kids. It was dead. My husband had to buy me a new one. So know the feeling. HOpe you can just use your cell phone for a while.
Sorry about the tubes in your little one's ears too.
Well, at least you are looking good in your maxi dress. But my fave is your 'go to' outfit.
So pretty.

Kish said...

Just another day in the life of a mom! Sorry about your camera, but glad that you were able to snap some pics. Your maxi is adorable, but, girl, that second outfit is Hot! Even more so because it's not revealing in any way, but it's put together so nicely and you are wearing it well!

Claire said...

oh man, what a bummer about the camera. but your phone took a pretty good picture. cute maxi and i love the go to outfit. that cardigan is super cute! i love my skinnies too!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! so sorry to hear that about your camera, something similar happened to my blackberry, hope you get it replaced soon, in the mid-time we'll enjoy phone pictures, love the way you wore that maxi the colors are so bright and springy!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

From Lissa..with Love! said...

I love both outfits! And oh how I know that "lunch-time workout" look all too well! We rock it well! ;o)

Sarah said...

Ah that sucks about your camera. I'm always worried i'm gonna do the same thing one of these days! you look great in the maxi- fantastic print! xx

Colleen said...

My camera had a lens error before. A coworker tugged a bit and pulled and twisted and fixed it. That was over 1.5 years ago that it happened and been using my camera daily since. I hope you can get some magic for yours so it isn't out of commission.

Courtney B said...

Oooh SO sad about your camera! But your maxi dress is SO cute! I still haven't been able to find one I love :(
And I would be so happy if I looked that good after going to the gym...seriously! You are so good to go on your lunch break :)
I'm going to look into reading this series! Thanks for posting!!

Tara said...

Yeah, I'd gotten a little lazy in my old job, but the new one has me running all over the place with little downtime. I actually have to work now! I don't know how i feel about that ;)

I love your quickie outfit #2...that sweater is adorable!

Claire said...

i know you've been busier with work, but if you feel like it i tagged you on my blog. no pressure though if you're too busy. it's just for fun. have a great weekend!

Claire @

Jake and Corinne said...

Tiffany! You are a doll. I'm happy you found me through Britt's site! Your blog is darling! Keep writing (and reading:)

xo Corinne

Sherry said...

the same thing happened with my camera before...i dropped it and it was saddening. both your outfits are super cute though! :)


Monique said...

I am loving you in that yellow cardi!! just found your blog!

Monique xx

Sara Shoemaker said...

cute outfit!!

House of Shoes

Leah said...

Thanks for voting for me! Love that maxi dress.

xo L.

Ruby Girl said...

lovely outfit! you look amazing. yellow is such a fun color. <3

Taylor said...

I want to copy that last outfit I love it SO much. Note to self: need new polkadot cardi as I already WORE new polkadot cardi today before I saw this post.