Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cuff it!

I'm so behind in my blogging! As you know, I've gotten busy at work. Well, added to that, my computer at work crashed! Yes, somehow I got a virus or thirty on the computer and it's a mess.  Well, I don't have lots of time to blog in the evenings, so I actually missed my favorite blogging day of the week - my "What I'm Wearing Wednesdays" feature.  That's when you know it's serious. lol

Anyways, earlier this week, I wore this little outfit. When I first looked in the mirror, it just felt like something was missing and then it hit me. I've cropped my baggy boyfriend jeans.  Why can't I crop these khakis?  I mean, sure, maybe they shouldn't be cropped because they're sort of preppy khakis, but I did it anyways. And I really liked the outcome with the strappy wedges. =)

Yellow striped cardi: Target
Coral shirt: Aeropostale
Brown tank: Express
Khakis: Old Navy
Belt (that I've got covered up for some reason): Target

Here's the belt! =)

I just love these wedges!


Ashley @ mommy wants to blog said...

So Springy/Easter-y! Love the cuffed pull it off so well!

Ashley J said...

Fabulous idea cropping your khakis, I need to try that for work one day!

Taylor said...

This is the cardi that I talked to and put back at Target last week! I can't believe you have it. Love this look - the rolled up khakis are way cute.

Mimi said...

Love those wedges. They look like Stuart Weitzman wedges from last summer...great buy. Oh, and I think you were spot on to crop the pants...the length help showcase the shoes, and plus, i think cropping/cuffing just looks hip;)

Aesthetic Lounge

Claire said...

Great wedges. But what I'm really into is your amazing yellow striped cardigan! So cute. You look fantastic!

Claire @

The Suburb Experiment said...

That cardigan is so pretty! I like that the cuffing shows off your shoes. You look so springy!


Tara said...

I am really starting to love all of these gorgeous spring color combinations...that yellow and coral look so great together! And I am 100% on-board with the cuffed khaki, especially since your awesome wedges are showcased :)

And also...I hate that my job is interfering with my internet time, too! Don't they realize I have people to follow?!?!? :)

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Very cute outfit- I have a very similiar pair of wedges- I love them because they're stylin and comfy! I love this colour combination on you and I feel your frustration with the computer- my internet has been crashing every few mins

Kish said...

Hi, Tiffany!
I tried to comment on this post a couple of days ago, but I kept losing my wireless signal in the location I was at. Anyway, I lovelovelove the yellow stripes and pink together! Aaaaaaannnnnd...those shoes need to be in my closet!

From Lissa..with Love! said...

I love bright colors on you!!!


Such a pretty look, and perfect for spring. I'm loving the mix of colours and the wedges are SO, SO cute. And what? Work conflicting with blogging I feel your pain... hate when that happens. Best of luck with the computer too. xx veronika

Meredith said...!! so lovely:)