Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thrifty Thursday & A Mighty Good Man

Thrift Thursday - Target's Clearance!

On Tuesday, I happened into Target to pick up some diapers. Well, I was killing some time because I was on my lunch break and needed to waste the entire hour, so the first thing I did was browse on over to the ladies clearance. Usually they have a 30% off rack and a 50% off rack, but this time . . . they had a 75% off rack! I felt like I hit a goldmine! =) I got this cute shirt (as well as a black one and tan one) and this cardi (just like my yellow one that I always wear!).

Sorry it's so blurry! I'm still trying to figure out the whole timer thing.
Lime-ish colored shirt ($3.74): Target
Blue & white striped cardi ($8.50): Target
Khaki skirt, belt & wedges: Target
Necklace: Borrowed from my sis, but pretty sure it came from Target

I'm a walking advertisement for Target today. =) 

How about the cute detailing on the sleeve?!?

What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man

I've just got to brag on my man for a minute. Last Saturday, my amazing hubby biked 56 miles. THEN he ran 6 miles. He walked into the door to grab a shower and relax and . . . well, I was feeling a bit stressed and wanted some "me" time. Do you know what he said?  He told me to go get a pedicure while he watched the kids! Is he a good man or what??

Now I realize my toes themselves aren't that pretty, but how about those pretty nails? The big toes have flowers on them, which is another whole story in itself. I'll share the short version. In college, I used to put tiny flower stickers on my toes and Nate said that was one of the first things he noticed about me. =)


Mimi said...

Aw, your hubby is sweet...and an avid exercise enthusiast! Love the cardigan! I miss target. We dont have one in the city...have to go over to brooklyn or jersey if I want to save some dough!

Aesthetic Lounge

Savannah said...

LOVE Target! and their sale rack! :)

Claire said...

aww, what a great hubby! LOVE target clearance too. that's why i bought those 7 Target designer dresses!!! too good to pass up!

Taylor said...

Ah, I have many an awesome clearance rack find from Target. Also, I have that skirt and wore it last Saturday. And those may be the same wedges I wore that same day but in black. See, Target = awesome. (And so is your husband!)

Kish said...

I love this post! First, your pics look great...Get it, girl!!! ;)
Secondly, you hit the jackpot with that sale at Target!
And lastly, do have a mighty good man! Definitely a keeper forever!