Friday, April 29, 2011

FBFF - Fitness & Fashion

FBFF - Fitness & Fashion

I'm linking up with Kate of Modly Chic  today to discuss Fitness & Fashion.  If you want to read about other blogger's views on the questions asked, go here.

1. Do you keep some kind of fitness routine? Why?
As a matter of fact, I do! Before having kids, I was super fit, but after having my last baby ten months ago, I slacked off quite a bit. Thanks to my husband constantly making me look bad with his marathon/ironman training, I finally decided to get back into this fitness thing. =) For the past few weeks, I’ve been running. And starting this week, I’ve incorporated weights at the gym back into my routine. Basically, I run 1 to 2 miles three to five times a week and I go to the gym for weights four days a week. Why do I work out? Well, of course, I’d like to lose the last few pounds of this baby weight, but that’s not my real reason. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel healthier and stronger. If something as good for you as working out or running can make you feel like a million bucks, I say, Why not?!?

2. Has working out, maybe training for a marathon or something of that nature, helped with your own perception of body image?
Absolutely! When I’m not working out, my body feels mushier and whether or not I actually look bigger, I feel much bigger. When I’m consistently working out or running, I feel so much better about myself.

3. When you are hitting the gym or just going out for a long walk what do you wear? Is it about functionality or fashion?
Oh my... it is definitely about functionality. I like to have cute matching running tops and shorts for when I do a 5k, but when I’m running at 5:00 in the morning, or hitting the gym really quick on my lunch break, I wear anything from a ratty old t-shirt to a lime green running shirt, paired with navy and pink gym shorts (basically two things that most certainly do not match!). lol

4. Do you feel there is a cultural perception of what you "should" be doing for your own physical fitness?
Well, it seems like our generation is getting more "into" fitness. All of the women’s magazines highlight being healthy and fit and I think that it is commonly accepted that we should be doing some sort of cardio to stay in shape.

5. Dream big… what would be your ultimate fitness goal?
I would absolutely LOVE to run a marathon. Will I someday? Probably not. I just don’t think I’m the type of person who has that motivation to push myself. Maybe as I continue running, I’ll get to that point, but we’ll see. Realistically, I’d like to see that magic number on the scale - the one that was there the day I got married. Eleven more to go and I’ll be there. And to be nicely toned like I was then too...

One other thing regarding fitness in my life. I've never had a problem working out or exercising.  For me, it's eating healthy that gives me trouble! I just love junk food and sugar and butter and salt wayyyy too much!  How about y'all?  Do you do anything special for fitness?  Do you enjoy your junk food?  How do you fit that into a healthy diet?


Rebecca said...

I have trouble eating healthy too. I love sugar!

From Lissa..with Love! said...

You are doing awesome!! As I'm typing this, I'm munching on funyons and haven't worked out on the elliptical since Monday. (stupid sickness!) *sigh* I miss running!!
P.S. I'm so excited for the guys for next weekend!! Yay!

Kimberlee said...

Congrats on the baby! My sister had a baby and I can only imagine how hard it is to lose those last few pounds. Keep up the great work :)

Fash Boulevard said...

tiffany, love, this is an amazing post. you're doing incredible. thanks for another amazing post love. Don't forget to swing by to see my latest LAX fashion post. xoxo

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Tara said...

I don't work out nearly as much as I should...if I get in a quick round of cardio twice a week, I consider it a win. As much as I loooove the sugar, I just tend to do better counting calories than working out. It's kind of no fun, though. I wish I was one of those people that loved to exercise!