Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogger Meet Up!

Can you call two friends who both happen to be bloggers meeting for dessert a "meet up?" In my world, you can! =)  I met Lissa of From Lissa With Love, along with a few of our siblings and a cousin for desserts/conversation Saturday night. It was a very nice, laid-back, relaxing, fun night out!

 I've never felt like I was tall, until I was standing next to teeny tiny Lissa in her flats. =)

For the first time in my life, I only packed the exact number of outfits I needed. So, when I found out that Melissa was also in town and we could get together, I was at a loss as to what to wear! Fortunately, my sister, my mom and I are all close to the same size, so almost everything I'm wearing is courtesy of their closets.

 Jeans & Shirt: Mom's
Sweater & Wedges: Sister's
Belt: Mine! From Target's clearance rack last week
Check out the back of that sweater! I love it!

What inevitably happens when my sis and I get together, is that we suddenly think we're 18 again and act all goofy.  Here is some of our goofiness for you to enjoy. =)

 This is me saying, "Hey-O!! I belted a cardi for the first time EVER!"

 And here, I'm like, "I don't know about it... But I'm just gonna go with it!" lol

Oh, and I almost forgot! Can you please, pretty please, go HERE and "like" my Little Missy's photo? I'm trying to get her on the cover of Parents magazine. =)


Kish said...

Look at you with that belted go, girl! You look great, and it looks like y'all had a ridiculously fun time!

Savannah said...

Looks like so much fun! I love that green cardi! the back detail is awesome!

Erica said...

That cardigan is gorgeous! Actually, the whole outfit is! I wish my sister were my size; we all have crazy different body sizes. Sigh. Anyway, looking good!

North Meets South

Claire said...

So fun to hang out with family...I too have a sister and love hanging out with her and my mom. Love that great sweater! it's beautiful. and speaking of beautiful, your daughter is adorable, especially with that lovely flower in her hair. good luck!

From Lissa..with Love! said...

It was a great time! I love the pics of you and Grace! :o) (Oh and I want that sweater and belt!!)

Tara said...

It totally counts as a meet-up :) You look adorable, of course...I love that sweater, and it looks great belted.

Is that your sister up there? You two are too funny. And now I miss my sisters...

Anula said...

WOW!! Great look !! I love your cardigan!!

kimmie said...

You and your sister are too cute! I love the lace cutout on the back of your sweater!