Thursday, May 5, 2011

What can Make Me Feel This Way? My Guy . . .

Talkin' bout my guy . . . Ladedadeda (Insert my off-key voice)

My guy is pretty amazing. =) He's leaving tomorrow to head over to Panama City to do his 1/2 Ironman triathlon, so he'll be out of town on Mother's Day. To be fair, so will the kids & I. We'll be in New Orleans spending Mom's day with my own mom, but since my guy & I won't be together, he decided to show his appreciation for me a little early.

He surprised me (and actually scared the living daylights out of me) by quietly popping into my office and whisking me away to lunch. You would think on Cinco de Mayo we'd go out for Mexican, right?  Nope, not us. We like to be daring and different. So, we went to a little hole in the wall restaurant that we'd never tried before called Momma's Place.  It's a little Louisiana style cajun place. 

I had the shrimp poboy, of course. What else do you eat for lunch at a cajun place? Okay, there were lots of options, but I always go for the shrimp poboy. You just can't go wrong there.  The fries were a little soggy, but they were seasoned really well. Notice the LSU tablecloth in the background. They're all about giving off a "cajun" vibe. I think they succeeded.

But better than being surprised with a lunch date was that my husband surprised me with a new camera! Yay!! Y'all know that my old camera (that really wasn't any good anyways) broke and that I've been using my sister's camera that has a scratch on the lens . . . well, this new one is perfect! It has a timer and can take multiple pictures when you click the button once. I don't know all the fancy lingo, but I'll learn it, I'm sure. =)

Simply put, my guy treats me like a queen and I love him. =)


Kish said...

Luckylucky girl!
That's really very sweet...and since you're quoting songs, in the words of En Vogue from back in the day:
"What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man..."

Claire said...

aww, that sounds so nice. what a great celebration. and i LOVE a shrimp po boy. just had one a few weeks ago at a food truck. YUM!

Anonymous said...

Yeeeahh, that is awesome! We like being non traditional, too. We almost always have mexican food on 4th of July, lol.

From Lissa..with Love! said...

Yay for new cameras! And I want that tablecloth..Geaux Tigers! ;o)

Leah said...

Good luck to your guy, and happy mother's day.
Regarding your comment, yes, the photos were taken in my backyard.

xo L.

Andie said...

awwww how fun!

so you're going to be in my neck of the woods again this weekend? I don't suppose you would want to meet up for a snack or something? :)