Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tasty Tuesday & A Night Out

Tasty Tuesday - Pork Stir Fry

Photo courtesy of Kraft
I think this recipe for Pork Stir-Fry found right HERE is my favorite stir fry recipe ever!  Not only is it super healthy (I mean, hello, it's just meat and veggies!), but it's also super delicious! The only thing we changed about it, is that we don't use a frozen pepper & onion mix. We either use fresh peppers, or a frozen stir-fry mix that has snap peas and those yummy little corn things.  It's a great, light meal to fix in the summertime, for those rushed evenings after work.  Let me know if you end up trying it!

A Night Out

Last weekend, we took my best bestest friend out to dinner because she is leaving me. Yep, she's moving far, far away and I'll probably only see her like, once in a blue moon. So, we both left our kids and joined up with some other girls and pretended like we didn't have a care in the world. Fun times!

 Staci & I... We've been friends since we were in church nursery together. I sure will miss her!
Ruffley grey shirt: Target
Necklace: Target
Black skinny jeans: Old Navy
Turquoise heels: www.6pm.com
Zebra print belt: Bealls
I was trying to be all cool and pose-y like Shana at ColorBlind. Ha! One of our friends was looking through the pictures we took and said, "Oh, did Tiffany fall?" lol I guess I wasn't being as cool as I thought. =)


Style Journey said...

You are looking hot for your night out! The zebra belt and turqouise heels are great!

Sorry to hear your friend is leaving you. The good thing about having a bestest friend, is that no matter how far away you live from each other or no matter how long it has been since you talked, you always pick right back up where you left off. My friend and I are like that (my buddy since 8th grade). Ok, now I can breathe. That was a major run on sentence!

Melissa said...

You DO look cool! :) I LOVE this outfit, the belt, the pop in the shoes, everything! You look amazing! Hope you had a great time!

Melissa said...

You DO look cool! :) I LOVE this outfit, the belt, the pop in the shoes, everything! You look amazing! Hope you had a great time!

Linley said...

love your simple, but chic look!

Kish said...

Heeeeeeyyyy, Hot Girl! Sounds like you had a lot fun...looks like you had a lot of fun, too! Zebra print and turquoise...high-five for that!

Tara said...

I think the picture on the step looks amazingly cool, actually, and not at all like you fell, and you can tell your friends that I said so :)

I am deeply, deeply in love with those shoes. Such a fun color!!

Lissa said...

The stir fry looks delish! I'm gonna have to try it.
The outfit is so cute (and I'm glad you didn't fall.) Although, if it had been ME in THOSE heels..the likelihood that I had actually fallen would've been great! lol

MissRockwell said...

Gurrrllll...you look smoking HOT!!! I love the pop of color you added with the wedges AND the pattern of your belt. Teehee your poses DO remind me of Shana-she's my (thrifting) soulmate!

Quick SIDENOTE-could you PLEASE Fedex me a spoonful of stirfry-it looks amazing!

I'm so sad that your friend is leaving-my BFF left me about 10 years ago and I haven't been the same since

Claire said...

hee hee, you don't like you fell :) i love the look! that zebra belt is perfect and the addition of those turquoise heels is just the right amount of color! sounds like you had a nice time with the girls. i love a girls night out!


Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

You look very cool! ;) Love the shoes, perfect touch! Yah for girls nights out!!

No Model Lady said...

Thanks for linking up! Love good girl's night pics! ♥

No Guilt Fashion said...

You look great for your night out. Love those shoes. They are such a beautiful color of blue.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
No Guilt Fashion

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

How sad that your friend is moving away but what fun to have a night out together

rlutz said...

Love your girls night out look...great fun with the blue shoes and the ruffly blouse!! Your stir fry looks so yummy!

em.me.ma said...


looks absolutely delicious! :)

Anonymous said...

You're beautiful! I love the outfit--especially the shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

Your just too cute from that awesome haircut to those awesome shoes! Sad about your bestie though, thank goodness for living in these "online" days so we can keep in contact with loved ones!