Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's eclectifying!

I mean, electrifying! Um, I mean, eclectic. Today's challenge is "eclectic prints." I snagged this little (and by little, I mean long) maxi dress right out of my sister's closet. 

Worn on Monday
Dress: Cato via My Sis
Cardi, Bracelets & Wedges: Target
Ring: Premier Designs Jewelry

I'm literally stepping on the hem of this dress in the picture above! Haha That's kind of funny. I probably should have worn these shoes that are a bit higher, but comfort was key here. 

I think I'm going to make maxi skirts/dresses my go-to look for Mondays and Thursdays. You want to know why? Those are the days before I shave my legs, so that's when they're at their prickliest. And when it's as hot as it is outside, skirts beats out jeans any day of the week!

How do you deal with prickly legs during the summer? Just curious... I can't be the only girl out there who doesn't like to shave every. single. day! lol

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Style Journey said...

LOVE LOVE this maxi! The colors are so vibrant and I love how you paired the cardi with it.

And I HATE to shave. I do it every other day in the summer. My legs are scary in the winter though! Probably TMI for the blog world.

Lorena said...

What a gorgeous print ! Very Missoni :)

Kiki's Corner said...

Im loving the maxi dress. Where did your sister get it?

Hope you have a great day :)

B.Inspired said...

Very cute interpretation of Eclectic Prints! It looks like missoni, you borrowed it from you fabulous is that? Don't get envious but I can get away w/shaving my legs once every 3 days :)

Anna said...

Love the dress; looks like my all time favorite Missoni. Where's it from, exactly?

Sweet Momiji said...

Your dress is gorgeous!! Love the print and colors!

Viktoria with a K said...

LOVE how your paired your dress with the mint sweater. It makes the dress pop!

I loathe shaving (it's such a chore!), but I try to shave every few days. I don't care if I'm a little prickly-- however, my husband does, but that's another issue all together ;)

The Suburb Experiment said...

I love this! It is one of my favorite outfits on you - so vibrant and pretty. It's just perfect for you!

I have very pale skin and very dark hair so I should probably shave more often that I do. :) It's such a pain though!


Melissa said...

I LOVE how you made this work appropriate with the cardigan! You look fantastic.

And I'm with you on not shaving every day!

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Shelly said...

OH.MY.GOD I NEED this dress, like for!!



rlutz said...

Such an amazing dress!! I shave my legs every few days and just deal with the stubby legs in between...I guess I am gross...ha!

Dawnya said...

Ooohhhh...what a fun dress! And that blue looks FANTASTIC on you!
Maxi dresses are my go-to for summer too...but only because they are cool and comfy and I hate sweating. ;)


Everything Nonsense

Kish said...

I think "electrifying" was the right term cuz that's exactly how you look!

Shaving? What's that?

Just kidding! Lucky for me, the hairs on my legs grow kind of slowly, so I can get away with once a week. But for my mom and one of my sisters...they don't grow hair AT ALL on their legs! Kind of weird...but kind of enviable at the same time.

Monica and Whitney said...

Love that maxi!

Ask the Duplex

Megan Mae said...

Can I come raid your sister's closet? Because that dress is amaaazing!

I shave when I remember or the hair on legs starts itching. Usually about once a week or so. I just deal with seeing the hair. I'm human, I'm hairy.

Callie said...

The colors in this outfit are absolutely amazing! Definitely the first thing that caught my eye. So many went with a maxi dress for this trend, I know I did! Love the look!

Ang said...

LOVE the dress and the turquoise cardi! :)

kileen said...

great maxi dress and i love all the teal accents!

cute & little
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Tinfoils Tiaras said...

The print of this dress is amazing! So much fun and easy to style because you could wear so many different colours with it! I HATE shaving my legs- in the summer I probably only shave every 3-4 days and in the winter...well we don't need to go there :)

P.S. I'm going to Oahu- I can;t wait :)

Sarah Grecco said...

I can't go a day without shaving. Lame I know!

You look GREAT in that dress. That color of blue on you is FANTASTIC!

Get Up & Go

Mimi said...

Love the print on this dress! I shave everyday, but every other i shave with the grain instead of against...obviously this is not a time saver but it does save me from irritating my skin,,,which does happen if I shave against the grain daily...not the answer you were hoping for I'm sure...if you do find a way to shave less please fill me in!!

Aesthetic Lounge

CC said...

You look so cute! Very Missoni.
I have to shave every day, but have found that if I do a depilatory once a week or so, that I can go a day or two between shaving. Unfortunately the depil. alone doesn't cut it. Literally. :)

Keely said...

You look gorgeous! I am in love with that dress and the aqua cardi is so cute. I do the same as you-maxi dresses on non-shave days. It's perfect.

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

I truly love the print of this dress/skirt.
The material looks like a very comfy practical one too.

Julie said...

The dress is fantastic! You look terrific.


Peggy said...

Cato? Looks so Missoni! Super cute.

Tara said...

Such a fantastic dress...I absolutely adore those colors on you!

Once again, I remain forever jealous that your family's closets are all at your disposal like this :)

Claire said...

love the dress! love how you can borrow your sister's wardrobe! your whole fam has seriously stylish taste!

Kaycie said...

Wow, this skirt is GORGEOUS! how fun!