Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Funny Story

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft (Thrifted)
Jeans: Eddie Bauer Outlet
Bracelet: Target

I wore this one day last week, when taking my Little Miss to the doctor's office for her well visit.

Picture this: I'm standing in the office with the Little Missy on my hip, attempting to listen as the doctor tells me things about a one-year old I already know. All the while, my Little Man is peppering me with "Mom, mom, mom!" every 3.5 seconds.  I'm holding up my finger to him, which he knows means, "Just one second."  Well, apparently, I'm taking too long to award him with my undivided attention because all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he launched all 38 pounds of his little self right into my legs and pulled with all his might. Just like that, I teetered (on my high heels) to the right and stumbled to the left and so very nearly went tumbling to the floor. Somehow I managed to catch myself and recover with a tiny bit of dignity still intact.  The doctor just laughed and said, "Well, I've never had that happen before!" 

Oh, yeah, this is me, just chillin' on the floor of the conference room, while taking a call on my cell phone. <insert sarcasm> Uh-huh, I do that all the time...

And one last thing, go check out my sweet friend's new blog! Moments in Fashion.  She's a fellow mom to a sweet little girl and is getting her groove back! =)

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Style Journey said...

Oh my gosh! It's amazing the strength that little kids have. I am sure you were completely graceful through the whole event :)

Those jeans are the bomb! You look fantastic in them!

B.Inspired said...

I don't know how you do it! Work, blog, and a full time mom! Impressive and I like the shirt!

Mongs said...

little man of great strength. I like that androgynous look, yet at the same time the soft color of the shirt and heels add a touch of femininity.


Melissa said...

I can totally picture that happening. My daughter tends to tackle me a lot. :)

I love those cuffed jeans with the heels! You're adorable! And now I'm going to check out your friend's blog. :)

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

rlutz said...

Taking both kids on a doctor run is never easy!
I m suprised the doc has never seen that... Ha!
Those jeans look amazing on you!

Kish said...

I am envious of the way those jeans fit you! Seriously! Talk about a perfect fit! And I love the top with look great!

So, I learned very heels with the kiddo. For that reason! LOL!!!

rach. said...

GREAT BLOG! absolutely LOVE it! you are so inspirational! and in the mood for some eyecandy? have i got a treat for you! check out my most recent post.

follow me?

Meagan said...

Those jeans look great on you and those shoes are just perfect with the outfit!

Erica said...

Haha! He sure knows how to get your attention! That jean/pump combo is gorgeous! They look fantastic on you.

North Meets South

Megan Mae said...

Yipes! Hope you didn't get hurt. Love those pumps


Can I just tell you I'm so glad that you teeter in your heels sometimes b/c I do not know how women walk in them like superstars all the time. :) You look adorable though and I'm glad you clarified that top is thrifted b/c I was about to run out to Loft to snag one!

Anonymous said...

Work it girl! You are sooo beautiful!
I think your little man's gonna be a line-backer! ;0)

Tara said...

Wait, you're saying you don't generally sit on the floor to take calls like that? But, looks so natural!

I love that top...the colors are gorgeous :)

Tammy said...

What a goof! As the mother of 3 boys (that are now men) I feel your pain/joy! You are looking good as a Mom.........stay all over those little ones!