Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Rainbow Brite

I bought this dress a while back from Target when it was on their clearance rack. I really didn't think that I'd get that much wear out of it because there's only so many ways you can wear a bright coral colored dress, right?  Well, I've worn it two other times (here and here). Today, I went for bold, and paired it with shades of blue.

Dress, Cardi, Belt & Bracelets: Target
Ring: Rue 21

Hmm... I'm almost completely dressed by Target today. I do love me some Target. =)

My 3-year old actually loves it when I paint my nails. Whenever they have a fresh coat of paint, he kisses each nail, one at a time. This evening, however, he said, "Mom, after I go to bed, will you wipe off that lellow paint and paint your nails blue?" Ha, he's such a cutie!

So, basically all I can think to do with this dress is add a different colored cardigan. Do y'all have any suggestions for another way to mix it up?

And I'm linking up today with No Model Lady for her weekly All Dressed Up link party!


Style Journey said...

Ok, you look fantastic! I love the bright pops of color. You did a great job!

When I wore my coral dress I paired it with teal and white. Today I am doing navy with coral. You could try red with your dress for some color blocking topped off with a yellow belt?

And how cute is "lello" I love when kids say cute things. Totally melts your heart :)

Keely said...

Such a fun color combination! The dress would look great with a jacket too. I wonder if you could layer a long sleeve top under in the fall/winter moths?

Monica and Whitney said...

I absolutely love these colors. And, have I ever told you I love your hair?

Ask the Duplex

The Suburb Experiment said...

I like the bright! How about a chunky brown belt and sandals? Or a scarf as a belt?

How sweet about your son. Whenever I paint my nails my 3-year-old expects her toenails to be painted. It's the only time I see her sit still. :)


rlutz said...

Love the color mix...that dress looks great!!
I love that your boy asked you to change the color for cute!!

No Model Lady said...

This outfit is perfection. Bright, classic, put together and lovely! Love it!

kimmie said...

Ooh! I absolutely LOVE the color scheme of this outfit. So fun and bright. you look wonderful!

Andie said...

you could do a leopard print scarf to make it a little more "fall" looking when the fall months roll around- as well as pairing leopard print shoes with it

or you could do a black & white scarf of some sort with it and black pumps

or brown/tan with it would be really nice!

The options are limitless! I can't wait until i can start wearing normal clothes again. LOL

oomph. said...

i love sheath dresses like this...perfect work staples. i tend to get these in black, but i need to try some different colors!


Melissa said...

GORGEOUS. I love these colors together. You could layer a shirt underneath it, wear a blazer, use a scarf as a necklace, belt over a many possibilities!

Callie said...

What a wonderful color combination! I absolutely love the shades of clue, particularly those shoes! The yellow nail polish it a nice addition as well - even if the little man would have preferred blue. Haha.

Whitney said...

I *love* this. Corals and turquoises (I giggled when I typed that. Say it out loud. You'll laugh, too) look amazing together.

I think those shoes are my favorite part.

Whitney said...

PS: And I love that you love Target, too.

Bonnie said...

I love that you matched the coral with this light shade of blue. In theory, I would say that would never work. You totally proved me wrong. It is a gorgeous combination!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Megan Mae said...

Love the coral and blue. This is a great combo.

Try a different belt, a printed scarf, A skirt/slip of a different color layered underneath. Wear a thick belt over the belt loops. Go a blazer or other jacket over it. It's a plain colored dress, there's a million things you can do! It's perfect for all those printed and striped cardigans that have cropped up. Coral looks great with mint, navy, yellow, white, any kind of neutral!

CC said...

Love the coral with turquoise!
Try a statement necklace or scarf! Either one can transform a simple dress. :)

Tara said...

Such a gorgeous color! And I love it mixed with the blues. And if you come up with another way to wear the dress, other than changing out the cardigan, please share with the class, ok? I could use some new suggestions :)

I'm partial to the dress-as-skirt trick, and I've seen it done with a knotted top a lot, lately. It's kind of a flashback to my childhood, but it's growing in me...

B.Inspired said...

I'd suggest trying a scarf not just at the waist but also around the shoulders. You could also wear a blouse over it and tie a knot. Or even a thin sweater to layer over it ;)

Mongs said...

cute outfit, I love the color combo! You're so good at remixing and colors. The dress is simple and classy, it's so versatile. Your 3 year old is cracking me adorable!
HAve a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

You're beautiful! Who doesn't love coral, and target? And your kid has good nail-polish would look good with that outfit! ;0)

Kish said... I see that you're going for the "Bold and the Beautiful" today! ;)
1. Yellow striped Target cardi w/wide brown belt or a turquoise belt
2. Zebra belt and THIN black scarf (I know you live in Florida, girl!). OR The zebra belt over your black/white striped drapey cardi.
3. Military shirt and scarf belt from July 12th (who says you have to match exactly?!)
4. Shirt and belt from July 8th
5. Wanna be daring? I don't know what the material of the dress is or even if it's lined, BUT you could try it as a tunic over your skinny jeans! Fold the bottom up underneath and high enough so that a.) the new "hem" hits between your hips and mid-thigh and b.) you can secure the folded (real) hemline with a belt....Does that make sense?

Okay. I'm done. =)

Peggy said...

love the color combo! you gave me a great idea for my target dress!

MissRockwell said... the color of this dress! Hmmm....coral goes THING-yellow or even some chambray.

Your son is too cute btw-lellow! That's too funny!

Claire said...

love this bright ensemble! one of my fave color combos. and how cute is your 3yo!!

Anonymous said...

You've inspired me to actually wear coral! I always shy away from it, but with you looking so fantastic I gotta at least try it, right?! Adore your shoes and the sweet story about your little guy. :0)

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