Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday & A Hat

Tasty Tuesday - Snickerdoodles

Sunday afternoon, I got to yearning for something sweet and started rummaging in the pantry to see what I might have the ingredients for.  A little while later, the smell of snickerdoodles was wafting through the house and my hubs and my kidlets were scarfing down a plate of this yumminess right here:

I used this recipe. The addition of almond extract that this recipe calls for was oh my goodness, absolutely delicious! You could taste the hint of almond in the cookie. It was like perfection in my mouth! The only thing I did different was to roll the cookies in cinnamon and brown sugar instead of adding white sugar. Why would I do that, you ask. Well, I used every bit of my white sugar in the dough, so I had to improvise. =)

A Hat

Saturday evening, my church had a ladies meeting. It was my first time attending. Because of all the hooplah surrounding the royal wedding, the theme of this meeting was "tea party." We were separated into groups and we had to decorate each table. We ate the typical tea party food, cucumber sandwiches, scones, little cookies and petit fours. And we had to wear a hat.  Well, I'm not typically hat girl, but I found this one at Maurices on sale for $4.00, so I picked it up with the intention of wearing it to the Tea Party.

Shirt & Skirt: Thrifted
Hat: Maurice's
Bracelets: Target
Shoes & Belt: TJMaxx

Ha, I couldn't get a single picture that included both my head and my feet! And just so ya know, it was bloody HOT and HUMID while I was taking these pics. That's why I couldn't muster up a true smile. I was dying to get back get back inside before I melted!

And I tried to catch a shot of the hat. =)

I have to be honest though. I didn't actually end up wearing the hat to the Tea Party because everyone at our table wore matching feather boas and tiaras!


oomph. said...

themed events are so fun. you know i'm a fan of hats, so i love this, but your outfit is equally amazing! i love the jewel tone blue.


Melissa said...

As much as I love that hat, it's the blouse that has me swooning. You look gorgeous!

Julie said...

Love that outfit! It is so fabulous with the hat added! What fun to!


Mongs said...

what a fun tea party! I love your glamorous outfit! You're giving me ideas for a princess party my friend is having for her birthday.


Tara said...

Look how cute you are! Obviously, I think you need to start adding a boa to your everyday outfits :)

Peggy said...

you look fab in the hat!! I love your Target shoes - I want them, waiting for a markdown!! You look great in the whole outfit!