Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet a Friend Monday - Kish

Today is my very first Meet a Friend Monday! I'd like to introduce you to Kish of Me, Myself & Style. She was one of my very first Bloggie Friends. She has killer style, is super funny and is an all around cool chick.  Without further ado, I give you . . . Kish!

With back-to-school promos breathing down our necks, and as a teacher and a mom, I'd like to share with y'all my opinion  about something (it's okay if you're not a parent...anyone can benefit from this).

There are two days during every school year when what you look like and what you're wearing matters the most:

1.  The first day of school

2.  Picture day

Going wrong on either of these days could subsequently alter the rest of one's fashion future.

I still remember what this one kid wore for picture day back in first grade.  Most of the girls wore cute dresses and all the guys pretty much wore shorts or jeans, but I remember thinking that this one kid's mom must have really hated them because for class picture day, she sent her kid to school wearing a:

baby blue.  three piece.  suit!

(Go ahead and laugh, because trust me, it was a sight!)

This poor kid was wearing a long-sleeved button-down shirt (in paler shade of baby blue) with matching pants, jacket, AND a vest.

Oh.  AND a matching bow-tie! 


I mean, who would do that to their kid???

Oh, wait.  I know who.

My mom.  That's who.

Yes.  That kid was me.

And let me mention that every piece of that outfit, including the button-down shirt, was hand-sewn.  Yeah, that means that this outfit was intentionally made.  For me.  A girl.

I wanted to wear a dress.  I cried, begged, pleaded, and even boycotted to not have to wear that 3-piece suit.  But my mom was the seamstress, I was her little girl (or so I thought), and she just wanted me to be set apart from everyone else.  I remember her saying something along the lines of, "No one else will be wearing anything like you are." (Duh! Really?!  I wonder why?)

Do you know how embarrassing it is on class picture day to field questions of, "Why are you wearing that?" and to feel like you single-handedly increased the count, by one, of boys in your class?  And this was a group if I still have my picture, how many other copies are still floating around out there?

Sigh.  Okay, let me move on because twenty-seven years later, I'm still embarrassed mortified

So!  Today's special feature for my blogger buddy Tiffany's blog is Nobody Wants to Be the 3-Piece Suit.  The 3-Piece Suit stands for any hideously disgusting outfit that any of us has had to wear to school (or anywhere else, if school doesn't apply).  Whether it was a first day of school outfit, a picture day outfit, or just a regular day doesn't matter. 

So, come one, come all.  Let us commiserate and maybe laugh together as we reminisce on those days past of bad style.  Please! Share with us your story and/or details of your "3-Piece Suit".

It's okay.  No one's gonna judge you here.

Nor will we be taking a group photo.

Thanks for reading and participating!!!

p.s.  For your viewing pleasure (just don't laugh too hard please), I'm going to be brave and share this with you.  It's hard to see the 3-Piece Suit, so just skim past all the little girls wearing dresses and look for the one girl who is wearing a bow-tie.

Okay, now that you've laughed yourself into a coma (is that even possible?), run right over to her blog and check out the super cute looks she puts together (no 3-piece suits!) and the funny stories she shares. I love her!


Style Journey said...

Oh my gosh! I am totally cracking up! Poor Kish! Can't wait to see who you round up for the next mystery guest.

My mom put my sister and I in matching tops with bears on them that said "School Days" Sis was in 1st and I was in 4th grade! It was awful! We still laugh about that. To make matters worse, I had a mullet and my sister had a rat tail!

B.Inspired said...

OMG this is too funny! I don't have a sister so I never had the issue of dressing in pairs... Although I am not really sure if my mom would have done that, it may have been the same dress in 2 diff colours, anyways...I am liking this series of meet a friend monday! keep it going :)

Erin @ MomsHaveStyle2 said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! No, Kish, I'm not laughing at you...I swear...

The Suburb Experiment said...

My mom sewed a lot of clothes when I was little too - but no 3 piece suits. That takes some skill! Also taking skill is a girl looking adorable in a powder blue 3-piece suit. :) What! My heart melts for bowties!


oomph. said...

too funny! i've actually taken the opposite approach when it comes to picture days...let the minis wear what they want! this past year my son refused to change, so he went in his pjs (well, shorts and tee)...and while all the other kids were dressed to the T in their pretty dresses and dress shirts/pants, my son was...himself!


Cee said...

Hahahaha I'm laughing so hard that I've got tears coming out of my eyes!!! So did not expect it to be you! Kish, you are the most adorable girl I've seen in a 3 piece suit. Someone should have told you that many years ago!

Melissa said...

YAY! Kish is awesome, she's definitely one of my favorites. :)

Kish said...

Glad you ladies enjoyed the post! Thanks, again, Tiffany for allowing me to hash up such a horrible memory from the back of my "closet"!!! LOL! (just kidding!)

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

She is very cool.