Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whining on Wednesday

How about I start a new feature having something to do with whining and Wednesdays?  No? You don't think that's a good idea? Well, okay, then I'll just get my whining out today and you won't have to hear any more about it. =)

First things first...  You guys!! My camera broke. Insert big huge sad face. =( I was taking pictures (for Kayla's 21 Day Challenge) yesterday at the office instead of at my usual outdoor location and I decided that the tripod wasn't necessary. I propped the camera up on the front desk, set the timer, pressed the button and took off to go to my posing spot when my hand barely touched the back of the camera and it went crashing to the linoleum floor! This is sad stuff, folks. It's brand new! Well, almost brand new. The hubs just bought it for me for Mother's Day. *sigh* He's taking it to the camera shop today, so keep your fingers crossed that they can fix it on the cheap.  Those are the key words right there.

More whining ahead . . .

I had to submit a crappy cell phone picture of my monochromatic look to the Flickr group.  That was disappointing because I really pushed myself to try something different by sticking to shades of blue. =( And today, I've pulled out a skirt that I haven't worn in years (it's all about wearing a closet orphan), and I'm pleasantly surprised with the results.

Okay, one last thing to whine about. I'm trying *so* hard to eat healthy and I've been hit with insane, crazy, stressful stuff and all I want to do is shove candy corn (that's my candy of the moment) into my mouth like a five-year old!

*SIGH* Now, that I'm finished, I'm sure you'll never be back to visit. lol It doesn't happen often, I promise. Usually, I'm just full of chipper happiness.  Since I don't have any recent photos to share today, here's a little something I wore a while back and didn't get a chance to blog about. =)

Dress & Belt: Maurices
Cardi: Target
Nine West Sandals: TJMaxx

Now I remember why I didn't blog about this outfit! I didn't wear any jewelry and therefore, deemed it un-blogable. lol Oh well, you take what you can get. =)


Style Journey said...

So sorry about your camera! I feel whiny today too! I had a crazy morning with a power outage. Crazy stuff. I wish I could eat when I am stressed, even if it was candy corn! I don't eat when I am stressed.

This is outfit is definitely blogworthy! Your dress is great!


Whitney said...

I love the alliteration. ;)

If I lived near you, I'd bring you a bottle of yummy wine and some bubble bath. Then I'd let you use my camera.

But since I do not and therefore cannot, know that I am sending you a mental bottle of wine. And a hug.

Anonymous said...

LOL, your so cute! Praying your camera is TOTALLY fine, and also just because I am THIS generous, I will eat any candy you would be tempted to eat...yes...I am willing to make this sacrifice because frankly I just love ya. ;0)

Bravoe Runway said...

Awww....I am so sorry Tiff to hear that the camera is on the fritz! To save you from having to come up with new outfit posts, I am going to tag you from my friend A Single Girl's Musings, 7 links

I'll pre-tag you before I do the official post. If you decide to partake on the tagging exercise, you can use 7 previous posts and revisit them. how's that until the camera gets fixed!

oomph. said...

GAH...sorry to hear about the camera! that is always my fear, too, as i tend to just prop my camera up wherever. cute bright pink embroidery on the dress!


Tara said...

Let's just pretend that the pretty pink lace/embroidery is a super fancy necklace, ok?

And I'm sorry things are so crazy stressful right now. While I can't support your candy corn habit (although, it would be a different story is we were talking M&Ms...), I'm always around if you decide venting through email is the way to go!

The Suburb Experiment said...

Ugh! That's awful. Fingers crossed for an easy (aka cheap) fix. I like the outfit! I think the neckline is it's own accessory.


Kish said...

Girl, poor me a glass of that whine! I will gladly join you in a pity party...I'm actually off to have one! It's my "recipe" for tonight! ;)

Yes, the camera situation sucks. I am sorry to hear that. But everything happens for a, had that not happened, we wouldn't have been able to see the gorgeousness of the neckline on your dress. See? Silver lining! (Or pink choose!)

jess said...

Sorry about your camera. I like the lace detail on your dress.

Shanequa said...

Well that sux! I secretly hope my would die so that I could get a new one but I guess that's just asking for a "miscellaneous" expense right?

Love your dress!

Amy said...

Bummer about your camera, why is it that the expensive things always get broken and the cheap stuff stays intact? At least that's my experience. Your outfit is really fun,

Melissa said...

Aw honey, you should be able to go ahead and vent whenever you need to vent. This is your space and we love you no matter what. And it's all vent-worthy stuff!

I do love the outfit and I think it's blog-worthy!

Efka said...

I really really like your outfit.

New lurker here :)

Meagan said...

The pink details on the top of that dress are beyond cute! I really love it!

Mongs said...

this is simple but so cute, love the belt and the crochet details on the dress. Now I know how you broke your camera..sorry. Don't worry dear, it will be fixed. Meanwhile, keep smiling and blogging. Whinning wednesday is funny, I will be the first one to link up!


Style, She Wrote said...

Great dress! Love the lace collar. xo style, she wrote

Sabrina said...

I love the neckline detailing of the dress. And I do that often too- "oh no, my outfit is too minimalist/not accessorized...must not disgrace the blog with it!" :)