Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

There's this little theme going around the blogosphere called Awkward & Awesome Thursday. I think it was started by The Daybook, but I'm a little out of the loop, so I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm jumping onto that bandwagon today. =)  Here are a few awkward and awesome things going on in my lovely life these days.


Getting dressed in a super cute outfit and thinking, this will go over pretty well on the blog today! Only to remember that my camera is still broken. Boo.

Getting all the way to the daycare with the kids before realizing that I needed to go to the store and print out some family pictures for Little Guy's Show & Tell. I turned the car around, went to Wal-Mart, wrestled both kids into a shopping cart and headed back to the Photo department, only to discover that the photo stand printer thingies don't open until 9:00. It was 7:25. Yeah, that was annoying for me. But I'm pretty sure it was awkward for Little Guy when he didn't have pictures for Show & Tell. 

Throwing the names Jeff, Jordan and Dani around in conversation like you're all great friends. When someone doesn't watch Big Brother, that can be very awkward!!


Looking cute today, despite not having a blog post to show for it! (If you want a glimpse of what I'm wearing, you can head to the 21 Day Challenge Flickr group and see if you can spot me.)

My camera is under warranty! Yay!! (Hopefully, Sony can get it back to me ASAP!!)

The big huge giant bear hug that my Little Guy gave me last night before bed right after his shower while he was still dripping wet. Only, he didn't want to call it a bear hug because "bears are mean, momma!"

We're heading to New Orleans tomorrow to visit family. Yay!! And we have lots of fun awesome activities planned!

My coworker is back from vacation! That right there is majorly awesome! I won't be as busy, which means I'll have more time for . . . YOU!! =)

So, what about y'all? Have you got anything awkward or awesome going on in your life?


Kayla said...

I also mention Jeff and Jordan far to often:) I love Big Brother and don't have many friends who watch the show! I even got up early today so I could catch up on last night's DVR'd episode. That my friend, is just plain AWESOME!

Style Journey said...

I love these features! It's nice to know that we all have awkward and awesome moments in our lives!

AWESOME-my sister took Miss M putt putt today, just the two of them and she is super excited!

AWKWARD-Almost breaking down in tears in front of a co-worker because I was super frustrated!

Bravoe Runway said...

Hmmm I don't watch big brother so I have no idea who you are talking about! So glad to hear the camera is still under warranty :D and that you should get it back soon! Enjoy Louisiana :)

Anonymous said...

YAYYY!! Your camera is going to survive or be...reborn. Either way, yayyy!! And I LOVE Big Brother!!!! It's a must watch every season in this house!

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay for bear hugs! So sorry about your camera! But i can just envision your cute outfit. It's perfect! A +!!

Mongs said...

Aw... sorry to hear about your camera, hope it will be fixed soon so we can all see you soon! Your little guy is so cute about the mean bear..haha..


oomph. said...

i was last minute with my son's family/baby pics, too. did the walmart thing the night before. new orleans sounds fun...hopefully you'll find a way to take some pics for us??!! it's friday. that, my friend, is AWESOME!!


Kish said...

Yea for camera warranties and wet hugs from sons to make up for the awkward moments of the day!

I DID have an awkward/awesome moment on Thursday:

Our school schedule changed this year, and I'm obviously still adjusting to it b/c on Thursday morning for 2nd period, I stood in the hallway after the final bell rang and wondered where all my students were????? Well....I forgot that 2nd period was my conference period! Duh!
However, the awesome moment(s) came later when the rest of my classes did a really great job participating in the lesson that I had for that day!

Have fun in "The N.O."!

t said...

Great post!

Tara said...

Confession: I kind of do the same thing that you do with Big Brother people, except I do it with Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelorpad contestants, which is even worse :)