Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet a Friend Monday - Jenn

Today I'd like to introduce you to Jenn of Secondhand Stylist. Jenn is the super cool mom and blogger who finds great pieces at thrift stores and second hand shops and then styles them into a few different looks that all look amazing! Check her out!

Hello, Breakfast With Tiffany-ers. I was so flattered when Tiffany asked me to do a guest post introducing my new(ish) blog Secondhand Stylist for Meet A Friend Monday!

Secondhand Stylist was born out of many comments left on my personal fashion blog (The Suburb Experiment) where people expressed their desire to shop thrift or vintage but felt like it wouldn't fit into their wardrobe or they were overwhelmed by the thrifting experience. I simply take a thrifted item - I try to pick something that isn't too crazy or hard to find secondhand - and I remix it into 3 different outfits. It's usually not thrift or secondhand head-to-toe, I really try to show how it fits into an existing wardrobe.

This is the tennis skirt. I already posted the "wear it now" options so these are what I could wear transitioning into fall. (Sorry Tiffany, no tights - it was 83 degrees when I took the pics! I don't sweat {I'm a lady} but if I did I bet it would be really hard to pull on a pair of tights. Hee.) And if you're intimidated by a tennis skirt (buy it a few sizes larger for a more natural fit) imagine they're a pair of colored shorts. Or a longer pleated skirt.

Outfit #1: Minimalism
Free People sweater, thrifted skirt, Sam Edelman booties (only $35 on!)
Easy sweater, midheel booties - et voila, errands on a crisp fall day.

Outfit #2: Easing Into Color Blocking
American Eagle top, thrifted necklace and skirt, Jeffrey Campbell wedges
Also pretty easy but I added in very subtle color blocking. I love purple and red together (am I the only one?) but sometimes when you're wearing already wearing a short skirt you don't need the colors to "shout" as well. You may wonder if I ran back in the house and got a haircut as well as changing my clothes. I use past outfits from my other blog if they work with the story I'm trying to tell.

Outfit #3: 11:50 PM Photo Shoot 
F21 jacket, thrifted scarf skirt and shoes, Coach purse, random bracelet, greasy hair and face courtesy of stressful day at work
So I hated the last outfit. And I ran downstairs and started pulling stuff out of my closet. And took a picture in the corner of my office. You have to admire my dedication to bringing you 3 different outfits. Heh. Sorry Tiffany, still no tights. Next edition, I promise!

Ha, I absolutely love Jenn and her super cool style!! (And I've got to say... I actually LOVE the last outfit! That polka dotted scarf is too cute!) Go check out Secondhand Stylist and stay tuned for what she does with the tennis skirt and tights! =)


The Suburb Experiment said...

Thank you so much for having me Tiffany! I hope you guys escaped most of Hurricane Irene - I was thinking about you.


Style Journey said...

Yah Jenn! She is hilarious AND fashionable all at the same time :)

I like the last photo too!


Gracey said...

Fabulous. I just found Jenn's blog and think she is just super. Thanks for having her guest post for you.

Bravoe Runway said...

I'll have to visit her blog and her skirt is so cute! I have only done thrifting in my mom's closet, not yet tried an actual thrift store...

Megan said...

Awww, I love new friends! Love the into into color's hard to get started with that sometimes!

Kish said...

I love me some Jenn!!!!

Claire said...

seriously, Jenn has the best style! i love checking out her 3 way thrifted posts, and the outfits she wears on Suburb Experiment are pretty amazing too. she always has the best shoes!!!

Mongs said...

lovely remix! Definitely checking out Jenn's blog.