Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday - Feeling Awesome!

I can't put my finger on the reason why, but I feel like it's going to be an awesome day! Maybe because we're realllly close to our long weekend and I'm planning to have all kinds of awesome fun with the kidlets. Well, I'm hoping to anyways, if Little Miss would get rid of her runny nose. Or maybe it's because I've already had two cups of coffee.  Whatever it is, here's my list of awkward and awesome today!

Getting into a bit of a fight with the car behind me. (Apparently, they were mad because I glanced down at my cell phone while I was driving and decided they needed to blow their horn at me and make angry gestures towards me) And then having them stay behind me for a few miles and turn into my neighborhood. As Dani (from Big Brother) would say "Awwwkward!"

Waking up this morning and realizing this is the month I turn 32. How is that possible??? I still feel 25! Maybe that's not so much awkward as it is depressing. lol

That my Little Guy (who is three) could think of more words that start with an "A" than I could. Ummm, awkward! lol To be fair to myself, I was trying to think of words that had an obvious short a sound, like Apple and Avocado, and of course, I'm drawing a blank on any more. lol


Waking up this morning and realizing it's my birthday month! Bring it on, September! I'm ready for a month of partying! And by partying, I simply mean getting my way any time I want anything from the Hubs by simply saying, "But it's my birthday month!" ;)

The long weekend we have coming up. Really, need I say more? But I will... A work week without a Monday? That's pretty awesome!

Running into a friend I hadn't seen in years this morning and having her say that I was "cute as a button". That was SO sweet! And yes, awesome, too. =)

That my Little Miss loves her caregiver at our daycare so much, she doesn't even give me a second glance once she sees Mrs. Tonya. That gives me such peace and while I'm a teeny tiny bit sad about it, I love knowing that she's getting such great care and attention. (Wowsers, the future teacher in me is hating that run-on sentence.)

And last, but not least, my outfit today. =) I love it and am putting it on my list of awesome summer outfits. 

Dress: Maurices
Cardi: My mom's (NY&Co)
Wedges: Target
Ring & Bracelets: Rue 21
Belt: Thrifted

I think we're on Day 19 of the 21 Day Challenge.  Today's prompt was to wear some statement jewelry. The only "statement pieces" that I have are rings, so went for this big flower ring to match my summery look.  

Go HERE to see how the other participants are wearing their statement pieces!


rlutz said...

Happy Birthday party month!! Your outfit is definitely summery fun awesome! love that ring!

rlutz said...

Happy Birthday party month!! Your outfit is definitely summery fun awesome! love that ring!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I would add your hair to your awesome list. It looks great tousled like that!

The Suburb Experiment

Style Journey said...

First of all - Happy Birthday Month! You should definitely spend the whole month celebrating (and hope you get your Coach bag!).

Second - you DO look cute as a button! This whole look is AWESOME! The white dress, the flower belt, the cardi! AWWWW!

And this weekend cannot come soon enough :)

Erica said...

I love how positive you are! I hope this day really was awesome for you, and it should be because you definitely look awesome!

North Meets South

oomph. said...

it sure sounds like your day and weekend are off to an AWESOME start! i LOVE, LOVE this outfit. a great white dress is a necessity for summer, and brilliant paired with the bright sweater. yay to the bday month!


Anonymous said...

LOVE your outfit you really are cute as a button!

Kariyah said...

Cute outfit!! Love your attitude! You make your awkward moments as awesome as your awesome ones!

silvergirl said...

super cute ring and love the clip in the hair

Penny said...

Lovely outfit!especially the cropped cardigan!for me too, my statement jewellery is usually a ring- or a lot of rings worn together!

Julie said...

Super Happy Birthday month! It is mine to:) Love the outfit. It is absolutely an awesome one:)


Kish said...

Oh, yes! Definitely a great outfit...and I even like the location of your picture! Happy Birthday (month) to you!!!! And welcome to 32!

Claire said...

really loving this outfit! i was just thinking i needed to whip out my white dress and i seriously wanna copy this color combo/outfit. you look great!

Tara said...

Oh. My. Goodness...

I love this outfit! The pink and white together is just so perfect for the summer. And don't feel too bad about 32...I'm only a couple of months behind you :)

(and happy birthday month, of course!)