Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bloggers for Health: Five Easy Steps

I'm linking up with the beautiful Callie of Unladylike and Lauren of Endear and I'm blogging for health today! I was supposed to do this on Saturday, but it kind of slipped my mind with everything else I had going on . . .  You can read more about the challenge here.  The prompt for this week is to list five ways to live a healthier life.  Rather than being general and listing five ways that you can be healthier, I'm going to list five things that I can change about my daily routine so that I can be healthier.

1. Run five mornings a week. Seriously, I don't have an excuse for not running. It's been proven that two miles will clear your head and keep you healthy. And two miles only takes roughly twenty minutes. If I can spend an hour reading or watching tv before going to bed, then I can most certainly squeeze a twenty-minute run into my morning!

2.  Cut back on the candy.  Notice I didn't say, cut out the candy. Because, well, that would be just crazy! ;) But rather than eating 6 Laffy Taffys, 2 mini Butterfingers and 4 mini Snickers in one day, I'll limit myself to one or two of each. =) (Ummm... I kind of have a sweet tooth, if ya can't tell.)

3.  Eat a piece of fruit for my morning snack. This used to be something I did without even thinking about it. But I've gotten out of this habit and I've been eating sugary granola bars or a third cup of coffee. Making a point to add fruit back into my snacks is exactly what I need!

4.  Eat a salad with dinner.  This is another thing that we used to do every single night. But as we've gotten busier, we've fallen into the habit of eating convenience food more than fresh veggies and lean meats. 

5.  Have regular quiet time with the Lord.  I truly believe that part of being healthy in your body is being healthy in your mind and spirit.  Think about it.  If you're always getting angry and screaming and yelling, that can't be good for your blood pressure, right?  Well, my quiet time with the Lord, is when my mind is renewed and it gives me a positive outlook for the day.  When I have my quiet time, I am less likely to lose my cool when dealing with clients or the people in my office; I'm more thankful and loving towards my sweet kids; I'm more even tempered when driving; I'm simply a better Christian, a better person, when I make it a point to have that quiet time with the Lord.

So, these are the changes I'm making this week (well for what's left of this week!) to live a healthier life!  What can you change about your routine to incorporate some healthy habits?

And one last thing . . . the super sweet Rina of Cute Coconut interviewed me recently!  You can read all the dirty details HERE. =)


myshelomitashop said...

OMG..number 1....I have bought my runners last year, and up to now not even once I put it on for a little jog! Been wanting to do it so badly, but always defeated by the desire to sleep...sighh...I need STRENGTH... :(
Number 3, totally agree with you! But since I get bored easily I change the menu every other day with fruit yoghurt...but can not get rid of the coffee..that's my morning remedy :)

Style Journey said...

Great interview Tiffany! Guess what? I have a serious sweet tooth too! Laffy Taffy, oh yes! Heather

Ashley said...

I'm impressed that you're even capable of running five days a week. Not that I doubt your abilities, but dang! I'm not a natural-born runner, so that sounds crazay to me! I'm really trying to find time to exercise these days. At least 45-60 minutes of cardio a day, and I have to PUSH myself to do pilates every other day. It's a lot, but I know I'll feel so much better!

silvergirl said...

don't you hate having all that Halloween candy in the house? I will be glad to give it ALL away on Monday night.
quiet times are the best and that is a habit that gets so easily pushed aside and shouldn't.
why is that the first thing we always slide on?
running? not happening for me baby! my kness and lungs would boycott! lol
good luck on your endevors!!!

skippysays said...

Great list, and super do-able to! I am pretty good about eating my fruit, but a salad with dinner everyday is something I should really be better at. Going to try it for this week too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I need to cut back on candy too (but it's so hard!). And I'm definitely lacking in quiet time. This is a great list. I'm doing Bloggers for Health too.

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!

Rin said...

Great list! I'm not a big runner, but I do try to exercise 4-5 days a week. I also am a big believer in the last one.

Bravoe Runway said...

OOoo I am going to check out that interivew. OK seriously Tiff 10 pieces of Candy??? WOW... I have been walking everyday this week and the twizzlers are out of my place...I've almost got my waistline back.

Mongs said...

good for you girl, hope you reach your healthy goals. The first one sounds hard for me, my bones are all lazy now. The last one is definitely great, I need God everyday! God bless you!


Collette Osuna said...

Awesome advice...I know from doing Weight Watchers, all of these points WORK:)
I found you from Taras follower:)

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Callie said...

There are some great ideas, Tiffany! This time of year is hard to avoid the sweets, since Halloween candy seems to be EVERYWHERE! And it comes in huge bags at a discounted price. But adding in workouts and healthy food alternatives is a great way to counter balance it. Great idea! I also love how you included something personal too, like spending time on your personal faith. That's great - too often we forget that health doesn't just mean physical health, but mental health too. So excited you're joining up with Bloggers for Health!

Callie @

Bonnie said...

I used to love running, but since it started hurting my ankles and feet, I had to stop. Instead, I do a lot of weightlifting and dance, and exercise really makes a huge difference. It definitely helps me focus more and have more energy during the day.
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Claire said...

these are great. i definitely to be more consistant on my quiet times. and i probably should eat healthier but it's hard and i use the excuse of being pregnant. bad me! i do wanna start running once i've had the baby!!! it makes me feel so good.

bailey j said...

Agreeing with #2. It's totally unrealistic for (most) people to think they can cut out all the things they love forever. It usually just leads to binging on it and really defeated and giving up your diet. I always incorporate things i love that suck for my body every once in while.. its a must for me.:)

oomph. said...

great would not be right to cut OUT the candy, lol! we have salad EVERY night. in fact, i always eat one serving of salad before i eat the main course. thank goodness my kids love salad, too.

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Slauditory said...

Good luck with everything! Those goals all sound solid and reasonable.