Monday, October 31, 2011

Meet a Friend Monday - Rainbow Bekah

Happy Halloween, friends! Today, I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Rainbow Bekah who blogs at The Rainbows and Sunshine Project.  Bekah is an adorable, funny mom whose blog I love to read! And here she is, in all her glory! =)


Each person conjures up a different picture in their mind when this word comes up.

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It could make you think of bats and black cats

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of witches and ghosts

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of pumpkins and scarecrows

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or..if you're like ME.....candy and costumes!!

Two of my favorite things!
But growing up we weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween for the most part (or watch Smurfs because Gargamel  was a "Warlock", also my parents had a brief fear that ABBA songs were too provocative. Trust me this is a source of teasing nowadays, all in good fun of course!)
Now, I have two distinct memories of Halloween from my childhood.

My first is a memory from 2nd grade, going to public school on Halloween day sans ANY costume.
I felt so out of place, like I (the girl who was dressed "normally") was a freak! I must have made it clear how disappointed I was  feeling left out of the festivities because I remember a mom of another girl in my class pulling me aside, wiping my tears, brushing my hair in an updo and pulling out some Avon samples from her purse , and put a little bit of makeup on me...
*I'll never forget my fascination with that tiny sample of coral lipstick* 
 ..and INSTANTLY I felt better, like I was "one" of my classmates not "that one" of my classmates. 
Sometimes I think back a little sadly on that memory, wishing I could've told that little "Rainbow Bekah" to keep her chin up and not focus on being like others, but to focus on being her little sunshiney self, alas these are things we have to learn and not just know I guess.
My second memory is from my 5th grade year. We were now going to a Christian School hearing more and more from God's Word. But apparently I wasn't listening very well to some of the details because that Halloween we were going to go to the church Harvest Festival and all I wanted to dress up as for that event....

was Jezebel! LoL

Now I'm not saying that my parents were bad for the choices they made for us, they made those choices because that's what THEY felt was right at that time. Just like The Chief and I are doing now in the lives of our own children.

We have our own "balance" of some of the traditions from both of our childhoods mixed with what we want for our kids, and who knows one day my kids will write or blog about their thoughts on our traditions...good OR bad! ;0)

Thanks Tiffany for asking me to guest post! You are such a blessing, you beautiful lady!

I heart you, Bekah! =) She's fantastic! So, run on over to her blog and see what else she writes about!


Mimi said...

Awe!!! So sweet of that other mom to help you out and make you feel better! We all do our best and all parents mean well...I'm sure your an amazing mom! Happy Halloween!

Aesthetic Lounge

Style Journey said...

Such a cute post! It's nice that she has found a nice balance of keeping her own childhood traditions as well as their own family traditions. Halloween is really all about the kids, dressing up, and eating tons of candy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for asking me to guest post Tiffany!! Your the bees knees. ;0)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Loving this post. :0) Thanks for the laughs Bekah!!

silvergirl said...

oh you poor dear, no smurfs!!
how do you go on?
my sister had the entire glass collection from some fast food restaurant Ha Ha

Marion said...

Ahh, such a great posting! Rainbow Bekah has such a great outlook and energy!!
Lovng you site!
XO - Marion