Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Feet

Flats may not look as stylin' as a pair of killer heels, but they sure do make my feet happy.  Yesterday (when I wore this), I totally copied Bessie's look, but I gave it my own twist, which is to say, I made it much more casual and wearable for the classroom. (Wow, that was a really long sentence!)

Lavender Shirt: NY&Co ($15-ish)
Skirt: The Limited (Handed Down)
Shoes: Shoedazzle ($40)
Jewelry: Borrowed from My Sis

Yesterday was a really good day! I gave a spelling test to the class.  I basically saw the words for the first time as I was giving the test, so I was a little bit worried I might use a word the wrong way. Wouldn't that have been embarrassing?!?  Then I taught part of a vocabulary lesson! As I was leaving, the kids were expressing their gratitude and they even said that they hoped I taught 4th grade next year, so that they could be in my class! On top of all of that, my feet didn't hurt, thanks to the advice from all of you to stick with flats or wedges when teaching!  So, all in all, it was a pretty fantastic day. =) And if you were wondering, the meeting I went to on Wednesday went really well. I met a few of the teachers and learned a lot about the new performance pay system. It was fun!

What am I thankful for today?? At this very moment, I'm thankful for coffee. I'm pretty much thankful for coffee every day. lol But especially today, because the Little Guy decided he wanted to wake up every few hours all night long. Seriously, when do kids realize that sleep is pretty darn cool?  My Little Miss seems to already have discovered it and she's only 16 months old. But my Little Guy, who is 3 1/2, seems to think that sleep is for sissies. *sigh* One of these days, I'll get a full night's sleep again! But I'll still want a steaming hot cup of coffee, I'm sure. =)

I know I'm a terrible weekend blogger, but stay tuned!! Tomorrow, I'm hoping to write another post for Bloggers for Health and also update y'all on how my shopping ban is going!


rlutz said...

I am so happy the teaching thing is going great for you!! My son is almost six and he has stopped sleeping through the night again, so I feel your pain!
HAve a great weekend!

Bravoe Runway said...

You are doing a fantastic job blogging and I love this outfit! Very nice take on the outfit posted earlier this week! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully...the kids will sleep in :)

Chelsea said...

You look adorable :) LOVE that skirt!

Style Journey said...

So happy that the teaching path is going great for you! You will be a wonderful teacher :)

You did a great take on Bessie's look with the skirt. Your ruffly top is adorable too :)

I am also thankful for coffee! Miss M is 6 and she still wakes up with the roosters! ha ha! Have a great weekend! Heather

The Suburb Experiment said...

That's so exciting Tiffany. I'm so glad that your dream job is becoming a reality.

I like your top and the ruffle detail. I certainly didn't have any teachers that stylish when I was in elementary school. :)

The Suburb Experiment

Mongs said...

you're such a cute teacher and a very chic one too, I'm sure you will be popular with the kids. Great skirt there, the colors are fabulous, I like the fabric too. You look really adorable! "sleep is for sissies"? HA... so funny..


Meagan said...

I think those flats are adorable and I love the stripes in the skirt!

Anonymous said...

Aw, those students were sure sweet! I'm sure you're a fab teacher!!!

I am EVER SO thankful for coffee, too!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you are an awesome teacher! So bright and cheerful!

and here here for coffee!? Or is it hear hear? I'd personally rather have it here here. ;0)

Tara said...

I'm so glad it's all going well! And I love to see your teacher stylings all around :)

TaraMixandMatch said...

Glad to hear your classroom experience is going well! Adorable skirt!

oomph. said...

i was able to wear flats on my work trip, that waas a nice change, especially with all the walking we did. i have trouble blogging on weekends, too. our home conputer is maxed out on space, so i can't download ANY more pictures. keep up the good work in the classroom....i'm jealous! would love a chance to work with the kiddos.

What's the next line? Help write the story!

Jess said...

It is so exciting to hear about your venture into teaching, I know that you will be a blessing to all the children you come in contact with. :)

BTW, I LOVE that skirt.... awesome colors!