Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bloggers for Health, 100 Day Stretch & Some Thankfulness

Bloggers for Health

This is the 3rd week of Bloggers for Health! I missed last week due to . . . well, just the busyness of life. Today, however, the Hubs is out of town, so while the Little Miss is napping, Little Guy & I are watching The Sword and The Stone.  And I'm blogging a bit. =)   

Since starting Bloggers for Health a few weeks ago, I've noticed I'm making wiser choices each day in what I eat.  I'm not sticking to my five steps exactly, but I am eating more salads and fruit. I haven't been running like I wanted to, thanks to the frigid weather Florida has been having, so I need to rethink my workout plan...  But I am definitely feeling much better, simply because of my healthier choices!

Now, I'd like to share a healthy and easy salad that I like to eat at work!

Mix together salad greens, 1/2 can of tuna, sliced strawberries, chopped pecans and light Italian dressing.

Voila!! You have yourself an absolutely delicious and healthy lunch! 

You can go here to see the other bloggers that are blogging for health!

100 Day Stretch

Well, my shopping ban is going strong! I'm actually quite surprised at how well it has gone. I've picked up one or two little things from Target that were on sale and I put them in my Christmas closet, so I don't consider that "cheating."  I also bought myself two things from the thrift store recently that were about a dollar a piece, so that was cheating that was well worth it! =)  Basically, the shopping ban has simply helped me to curb my spending and to not be so reliant upon impulse shopping to help with my stress. It's nice to know that I don't have to run to the store for a shopping spree every time I'm stressed out!

You can go here to see other bloggers who are participating in the 100 Day Stretch!  

Some Thankfulness 

I absolutely love this time of year, from the first days of fall until New Years Day, everything seems to be so festive! The cold air doesn't really feel dreary until about mid-January; it simply feels Christmassy! =) One of my favorite things about this time of year is that almost everyone you come across is feeling cheery and thankful. Today, I'm thankful for days when the Hubs is out of town. Although I rely on him a lot (really, a lot!), when he's out of town, the kidlets and I bond in a way that we don't get to when he's here. It's just me and then against the world! lol Well, sometimes it's me against them, but you know how that goes. =) 

And also, on a very superficial note... I'm thankful for these boots. They're becoming my best friend during this little cold spell we're having!

Sweater: Old Navy (Soooo old, $6)
Jeans: Eddie Bauer ($10-ish, I think)
Boots: Shoedazzle (Gift)
Ring: Glow Salon ($5)
Here I am, just bashfully admiring my boots. ;)
Tank, necklace & bracelet: Borrowed from my Sis
Last but not least, I'd like offer a belated congratulations to Grace at Camp Patton on the birth of her perfect little son, Sebastian Xavier! Grace writes hysterically funny stories about motherhood and shares some adorable outfits, as well. I don't know how she manages to look so cute, with a newborn baby! So, if you're pregnant or a mom or just a girl who likes to read blogs, go check her out. I'm sure you'll like her as much as I do! =)


bailey j said...

Okay - i will DEF be trying that salad. Looks delicious, thanks for the share! Sucks you havn't been able to run but look at it this way, you COULD be living where I live in Canada, and its been starting to snow and hail - that is frigid. I still see people running though, just bundle aha. Also - I love Sorcerer and the stone :)

Callie said...

Oh goodness, where do I start! That salad looks absolutely delicious - I think I might have to stop and pick up some strawberries the next time I am out. Glad to hear that things are going well between healthy habits and healthy spending. That 100 day retail band is a very inspiring idea. But I just don't know how long I would survive. Haha.

I also need to point out how wonderful those boots are! You look cozy and comfortable in that knitted sweater. Can't believe it's already time to start bundling up. Thanks for sharing, Tiffany!

Style Journey said...

Ok, that salad looks amazing! I will definitely try that because I love me some salad, lol! So glad your shopping ban is going well. I am a stress shopper too, so I totally get it. And oh, those boots. How cute are those! You look fantastic with your cable knit sweater and jeans. Have a great weekend with the kiddos :) Heather

Meagan said...

Those boots are *insane*. I need a pair now!

Lisa said...

You look great! Love that necklace!

Ivana said...

Wow, what an amazing post! I´m really inspired by your healthy approach, and I can´t wait to buy my new running shoes, so I can start running outdoors!
As for the shopping ban, well, that´s fairly impossible for me, and I really admire people that are able to do this!

I gave you a little blog award, so come an check it out here:
A little reward for your amazing blog :)

Happy Sunday!

xx Ivana
Style in the City

Ashley said...

1. That salad sounds good! I don't typically eat salads in the winter because they make me too cold, but hopefully I'll remember this simple recipe for next spring.
2. I didn't know you were doing the shopping ban too! I've only seen one other blogger doing it and I love reading her progress. I could use a shopping semi-ban, but I don't know if I could cut it out completely. I think your cheating was worth it, too.
3. I LOVE your sweater! And the boots, of course. I'd admire them, too.

Jess said...

Girl, we need to go thrifting when your shopping ban is over. :)

You seriously look adorable in those boots, they are perfect!

signature mix said...

That lunch sounds delicious. I too am attempting to eat healthier (after indulging on Halloween sweets)and curb my spending on clothes. Nice to know there is great support among bloggers for both goals. Also, love your boots. They look great and they seem really practical too.

Ria said...

Hi Tiffany! I found your blog via Bravoe Runway - I was drawn to its cute title. I truly enjoyed reading your posts! :D Have a great day! Love those boots!


Ria @ (Stop by and visit when you get the chance!)

Shea said...

That salad looks delicious, and those boots look just as drool-worthy :) I definitely should get on board with eating healthier and spending less money!

Mongs said...

Your fabulous boots seems to go well with anything! This is a simple but chic outfit, I love white sweaters! And your jeans is a perfect fit for you. I wish I have the courage to go on a 100 day shopping ban. I got my little pay check recently and went on a shopping spree and bought three pair of Zara shoes for $15 each, kinda feel a little guilty now but I couldn't resist the sale ;-( I like the salad, it looks so healthy, strawberries add some sweetness to it.


silvergirl said...

those boots are amazing
glad to hear your healthy living is going so well and the detox as well
i am starting to get a little itchy to go shopping for myself, i hope i can curb that by doing some christmas shopping for others

oomph. said...

yummy salad. one of my favorite outfits here. i think i love this ensemble because it's something i would want to wear, but can't with our weather. the whole jeans, boots, chunky sweater thing is just so attractive.

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