Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

My outfit has absolutely nothing to do with Veteran's Day . . . but Happy Veteran's Day nonetheless! Today I'm thankful for our Veteran's and the sacrifices they've made to keep our country safe!

Now on to shallow and superficial things like clothes. =)

I wore this yesterday to work. It was my first time belting a sweater that wasn't a cardigan. I'm still scared to try belting a thick sweater, but I think this worked because it was thin and more like a shirt than a big cozy sweater.

Jacket: Thrifted ($5)
Sweater ($10) & Belt ($7): Target
Jeans: Target (Handed Down)
Shoes: Rsvp from ($6.95)
Jewelry: My Sister's

This is my "Holy crap, it's cold!" face. =)

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend! I have off today, so I'm enjoying the long weekend with my sweet family!  And if you're a veteran, thank you again for all that you do for the rest of us!


Style Journey said...

Belting the sweater definitely works. Love your olive green jacket paired with the outfit too! Have a great weekend spending time with the family.

p.s. you look adorable in your glasses :)

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

I love em! And you rocked it! But NO WAY could I pull it off! Rock on :)

Julie said...

The belt totally works. What sassy shoes as well. Love the combo.


Bravoe Runway said...

Tiffany this looks fantastic! Do you remember that one outfit where I belted the sweater and your comment read..."I would look like a stuffed marshmellow?" Hmmmm no traces of marshmellow-ness here :) Love it!

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Those shoes are adorable! And with those jeans... PERFECTION! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following yours too : )

TaraMixandMatch said...

The belt looks super cute with the striped sweater! Have a great weekend!

rlutz said...

The belted sweater looks how you wore it low slung...very cute jacket!
have a great weekend with your family!!

Fashion By Alicia said...

Very cute! Love your jacket.

Prasetyo said...

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Natalie said...

I love it!! (The belting of the sweater and just the whole color scheme of the outfit.)

Tabitha said...

I love the belted sweater look. It adds a little bit of personality to the whole look.

silvergirl said...

i love that belt and you look great with the sweater belted
hope you had a great long weekend with the family

Callie said...

I must agree with everyone else, I love the belt with the sweater. Such a great detail. You look cozy and warm with all those layers. It's definitely time to start bundling up. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Tara said...

I'm the same way about belted always looks so good on other people, but I just can't get it to work. But I do love it like this...that sweater looks great with the belt! And I really love the glasses, too :)

Mongs said...

I love the colors of your outfit, looks great on you. I like the striped sweater, belting it up is a good idea to give your outfit a nice shape! Fabulous jacket, makes the outfit looks fun and playful, a wonderful weekend look.


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Great outfit!! I love how you are layering here and the belt adds a great touch of brown!

Ivana said...

Love your jacket! I can´t believe it´s thrifted! Fabulous!

xx Ivana

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you back there soon :)
Style in the City

oomph. said...

i've recently begun belting my sweaters at the waist. i know what you mean about belting thick sweaters...and i really think it's a hit or miss. sometimes i love it, sometimes it looks horrible! love the pretty blues and greens in your sweater.

What's the next line? Help write the story!

Megan Mae said...

Great sweater! I think the belt works. You should try belting a heavier knit sweater. Remember it's all about silhouette. Keep your waist defined in the right place and it'll look great.

Erica said...

You look so cute! I love your glasses!

North Meets South