Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet a Friend Monday - My Sister!!

I have a special treat for you today! You get to meet my favorite sister ever, Grace. Okay, she's my only sister, but still! Even if she weren't, she'd still be my favorite. =) She's my little sister, my confidante, my best friend . . . and I love her to pieces. 

Sweater, skirt & tights: Target
Tank & belt: Maurices
Boots: Shoe Carnival
Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

Me:What are your favorite stores to shop at?
Grace: Oh geez.. it's a little embarrassing how limited my selection of stores is. Target, Maurice's, NY& Company. I need to branch out a little, huh?  I'm not all about the designer label. I mean, I do love me some J. Crew and Anthroplogie, however my checkbook does not. ;) And why spend the big bucks when you can get pretty much the same look for cheaper, right?

Me: How would you define your style?
Grace: Hhmm... I honestly don't know if I have a "style". I like a little bit of everything and my closet can prove that, I think. It's a little all over the place. But, one thing I would wear all the time if I could would be maxi dresses. Love them! So cute and comfy and versatile. Anything long and flowy... maybe I'm a hippy at heart;)

Me: What is the one thing you have to wear every day or you simply don't feel put together?
Grace: Underwear. Hehee.. just kidding! Seriously, though, probably some sort of accessory... I'm no expert, but I think even a simple chain necklace or pair of earrings can really pull an outfit together. If I'm in a hurry and rushing out the door in the morning, I almost always try to grab something...bangle bracelet, necklace, big ole funky ring...
Me: Be honest now, do you really care that your sister (ummm... that's me) raids your closet all the time? ;)
Grace: Well, now that you mention it... Ha! No, not really. It's fun to see some of my stuff pop up on the blog. Means I have a little bit of good taste, right? And it helps me see different ways to wear my clothes since I'm boring and simple most of the time. :)

Me: You're getting married!! How excited are you? Share with us a little bit of your vision for your wedding.
Grace: Soooo excited! :) March 29th can NOT come fast enough. So, the wedding: we're wanting something simple and intimate...with a vintage feel to it. I'm hitting up the flea markets and thrift stores next week for some old vases for the centerpieces. The colors I'm going with are a deep purple, emerald green, and blue (think peacock feather).  The ceremony is going to be outside in the most perfect courtyard... at sunset. Can't get any more perfect than that. ;)

Me: But then you're moving away to Ohio. Super, super sad face. How will you survive being so far away from your favorite sister? And your sweet niece and nephew, of course.
Grace: Oh, I'll probably cry myself to sleep every night after eating an entire bag of Dove chocolates... ;) We'll just skype every day/all day!!!

Me: Are you going to start your very own blog to help cope with the lonely evenings when your husband (that sounds weird!) is out flying? (He's a pilot, for you readers who are wondering...) Are you, are you???
Grace: You just don't give up, do you? :) Maybe... you'll just have to wait and found out;)
 So, that's my sister, folks. Isn't she adorable?!?

Oh!! I guest posted over at Snow in December on Friday! Y'all go check it out right here! =) 


Style Journey said...

You two are absolutely adorable! So this is the famous sister whose closet you always raid :) Congrats on the wedding! Now that you are moving to Ohio and Tiffany comes to visit, give us a shout out!

Heather & Kayla

rlutz said...

Your sister is definitely her outfit!!

Lissa said...

I love Gracie!! Beautiful girl inside and out! She has a cute and carefree style. So happy for her! :o)

Jess said...

you both are adorable. i am loving her skirt!!

congrats on the wedding, grace! enjoy every second of the experience!

Ashley said...

Aww! Love it! She's super cute with a great sense of style. I could take a lesson from her about the accessories. They just don't come natural to me! Oh and yes, congratulations on the wedding! I like the sounds of a vintage theme.

The Suburb Experiment said...

It's fun to put a face to the borrowed clothes. :) You're both adorable!


Janelle Andrea said...

Aw, both of you are adorable! I love your sister's purple tights too! I wish my sister and I could share clothes.

P.S. I'd love for you to enter my giveaway. Happy Holidays!

oomph. said...

nice to MEET the sister! i'm really close to my sisters...i'd be bummer being away from them!

What's the next line? Help write the story!

Bravoe Runway said...

Ah-ha so this is the sister you are always borrowing clothes from! She is too cute and I can see the resemblance between you too! Love the outfit she is sporting today and I cannot believe her wedding is coming up in March and then a move to OH? Awwww

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i have a lil' sister too who happens to be my favorite... and the only one. : )

Grace is so pretty and i love her style. all the layering is gorgeous.

just tututiny said...

Your sister is just like you, pretty and oh so stylish. I also have sisters but they are much older, the one next to me is 9 years older and the gap is bigger from there so I always felt like an only child. Thanks for sharing this interview with us and hope you had a great holiday!

lhamo Mashutzo said...

i have a sister too and we do take out time to take pictures together..
Adorable sisters.
and you both are very sweet.

Kassi said...

Aww you guys are so cute. I am glad you have such a close relationship. Your sister is a great dresser - love those eggplant tights. I am also a big fan of Maurices :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see sis's blog! ;0)
Congrats to her on the upcoming wedding! I hope we get to see pics.
Tiffany, style must run in y'all's family!

Samantha said...

So wonderful to meet your sister! You guys must have so much fun! :)

CC said...

Y'all are so adorable. Thanks for the introduction. And yes, she needs her own blog. ;)

Katherine said...

AWW your sister is so adorable, as are you! You two are pretty :) ANd love her shorts!

Claire said...

how cute is your sister?!!! so glad we finally get to see her since you steal from her closet all the time. she's got fab style!!!

Stacey Kay said...

What a great little outfit she has on! Awesome layers.

Goodwill Huntingg: Happy Holidays Giveaway!
Accessory alert: tassels

Ivana said...

She looks fabulous, and she´s so funny! You both are :)

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Style in the City

silvergirl said...

fun to meet your sister
love that you are blond and she is dark.
oh the clothes you get to share!!!!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Your sister is so pretty and I love her answers! How much fun that she's having a vintage inspired wedding-just up my alley!