Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet a Friend Monday - Becks

Today I get to introduce you to the blogger, Becks from [oomph.]. She's the first blogger I saw where my jaw dropped upon entering her little corner of the blogosphere. She's gorgeous, has amazing style and never ceases to inspire me.  Say hi to Becks! 

hey! i'm becks, the blogger behind [oomph.].
just a former shopaholic turned mom, adjusting to being stylish on a down-sized budget. what was once spent on clothing and shoes is now spent on tuition and pull-ups.
i originally started [oomph.] to accompany my small online store, as a means to show customers how to wear the items we sold. eventually, i incorporated pieces of my own wardrobe and found this blog to be a much needed outlet for my creative juices...a way to satisfy my fashionable cravings amidst motherhood and the daily 9-5 grind.

i was recently tagged in a post where you provide four answers to every question. i thought that would be a fun way to tell you a little more about myself. there are many questions, but in the interest of time (and length), i'll share just a few here.
four tv shows i love to watch:
-drop dead diva
-ina garten barefoot contessa: although her recipes are waaay to advanced for my skill level, she is so creative and inspiring with her ideas. check her out on food network.
-pretty little liars
-vampire diaries: there's one good looking brother...know which one?

four jobs i've had in my life:
-payless: not the shoe store. a drugstore similar to walgreen's. it was my first summer job stocking shelves. we were required to use the intercom to announce our breaks, which would be heard by the entire store. i remember being too embarrassed to use it. the first time i used the intercom was on my last day!
-hot papayas: sales clerk at a swimsuit shop. man, the prank calls we used to get...lots of heavy breathing and many variations of, "ooh, i wanna feel your hot papayas."
-a hair salon and day spa: being in this environment, i was inspired to try all kinds of hairstyles...from graduated bobs, to asymmetrical styles, red highlights to blue highlights. my most favorite color combo was exactly that...chunky red and blue highlights. sounds horrific, but it was done tastefully. really!
-an architecture firm: after years of working in graphic design, which is what i went to school for, i left to help my sister's business. i currently help to run and operate this family business.

four things that make me happy:
-my kids' laughter
-the smell of new shoes
-those rare nights out
-a great cup of joe

four of my favorite foods:
-homemade soups
-chicken enchiladas
-salads of any kind
-pancakes and waffles
thanks to tiffany and all of her wonderful readers for having me here. stop by and say HI sometime…i'd love to meet you!

So, Becks is kind of a big deal. Seriously, go check out her blog! I was actually hesitant to approach her to guest post on my little ole' blog, but I'm so glad that I did. She's SO sweet and I know you'll love her.  If I ever get back over to Hawaii, I'm totally looking her up so I can gush about her fabulousness to her face. =)

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Style Journey said...

So glad to see Becks over here! She really is very sweet, so approachable, and one stylish hot mama!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I love checking out her blog. Becks is so stylish! It's fun to see another mama push the fashion envelope.

The Suburb Experiment

Girlie Blogger said...

Her blog is fantastic. I already followed :O) Love discovering new blogs.

Alyson said...

absolutely love her looks; just recently discovered her blog.

Shea said...

Ooh, I love Becks' style, I'll have to check her out! I'm also a fan of watching Ina Garten on the food network :)

Bravoe Runway said...

I absolutely love Becks' blog. She has a fantastic sense of style and I am so jealous that she lives in HI.

SassyUptownChic said...

I follow Becks blog and she is simply awesome! Great style and personality! I never miss one of her posts. :)

Kassi said...

I am definitely going to check her out, fabulous style darling....fabulous.

Ivana said...

She looks so beautiful and stylish! Thanks so much for introducing me to her :)

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Macarons and Pearls

Nicole said...

Becks discovered my blog and left a comment, and that's how I found hers. She really is super sweet and I absolutely adore her style!