Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet a Friend Monday - Lena

Happy Monday, friends! I'm sitting home in bed sick with a stomach bug, so I'm sooo happy that I have a friend lined up for Meet a Friend Monday today! Lena from Mom to Memphis and Ruby is the incredibly sweet and cool mom to two adorable tots. She blogs about life, mom stuff, kid stuff, crafty stuff and even fashion. She kind of covers it all! And . . . she'll take it from here! =)

Hello friends & followers of the fabulous

I'm really excited to be here today!

My name is Lena and I blog over at

As the name suggests, I am a mommy of two wild, wacky &
wonderful kids that keep me very busy!

Parenthood has been a crazy ride, but I'm loving every moment
of it!
 I work at local insurance company... it's a pretty boring day
job, I suppose, but the office is nice and I get along really well with my
co-workers... the fact that it is literally 2 minutes from home/daycare/school
is an added bonus too!

In my free time, I obsessed over clothes, shoes, nail polish
& tattoos!

I love taking pictures and being thrifty... I cannot pass up a
good sale, or a unique find at great price!
I'm also loving the friendships I've made while

I never thought blogging would become such a HUGE part of my
life, when I blog, it's ''my time''

...and we all need a little me time,
am I right?
I blog about my life, my family, fashion, photography, movies,
music and whatever else I happen to be crushing on at the moment.  I enjoy
hosting giveaways too, and I usually have some pretty nice swag to give away
(thanks to the awesome & talented bloggers & shop owners I've become
friends with!)

This is me, in a nutshell!

I hope you'll stop by Mom2MemphisAndRuby and take a peak

and don't be shy!  I love hearing from new

So, go ahead!! Head on over to her blog and say hi!  Thanks, Lena, for being my guest today!!

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