Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why I Do This...

Recently, I was all flustered and embarrassed when talking to a friend about this little ole blog of mine and asked myself the question... Why do I blog? And not so much why do I blog? But why do I blog about my clothes?

 photo DSC04621_zps497b760c.jpg
Top: NY&Co
Pants: Kohls
Sandals: Shoedazzle
Note to self... Find another pose. This looking down thing is making your hair look rather poofy.

There are several reasons, I guess. Initially, I started blogging because I was bored at work. Yes, I did the majority of my blogging at work during my lunch break or when the workload was slow. Now, I can guarantee you there is never a dull moment in my line of work! Teaching third graders keeps me constantly on my toes... quite literally. It's incredibly fun, rewarding . . . and exhausting! So, yeah, no time for blogging on the clock.

I also first started blogging about my clothes because I needed something to pull me out of my wardrobe slump. I was about 9-ish months post-partum with my youngest daughter and was feeling like a frumpy mom of two. Knowing that I'd be snapping pics of my frumpyness helped me to see the clothes hanging in my closet (or more often than not, on the floor of my closet) in a new light. And it helped me to put a bit of effort into my outfits even though I was sleep deprived from one or the other of my kids getting up constantly throughout the night.

 photo DSC04620_zps0a38cbad.jpg

Then I really got into it. I mean, how much fun is it to meet people not just all over the country, but all over the world?!? And I liked sharing a little bit of my creativity with the world.

 photo DSC04627_zpsff1d82ab.jpg
Bracelet & Ring: No idea...

But let me tell you... do I enjoy preening in front of the camera? Um, no. I'm especially uncomfortable when someone walks past right as I'm posing all prettily.  Can we say... AWKward! But it's fun to put my outfits out there on the world wide web and be critiqued.  I don't think it's vanity or being self absorbed... I certainly hope it isn't!  I tried blogging about a few things that are close to my heart, but that isn't my talent. Laughing at myself I can do. Talking about something serious and important... I just don't have the ability to make it sound as important as it really is.  So, instead of trying to talk about important things, I keep my posts about the superficial and hope that maybe some flustered mom out there will look at my blog and think... Well, if she can get dressed in an ensemble that is somewhat put together and stylish on 4.5 hours of sleep, then maybe I can too.

Okay, in reality, I'm getting more like 7-ish hours of sleep these days. But trust me, there are times when I get much less.  Ear infections, sore throats, nightmares, early morning runs... they all interfere with the perfect 8-hour night of sleep.  You know how it is!

 photo DSC04624_zps7868c987.jpg

Finally, my last reason for blogging is to ask for advice. There's often something that I wear over and over again . . . in the same way! So, I ask you how you would wear it and get all kinds of outfit inspiration.  Which brings me to my question of the day...

How else would you style these sandals? I'm stuck!

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dani krum (love me, dani marie) said...

You are darling! I am loving those purple pants!
New follower via GFC!
Love Me, Dani Marie

the domestic fringe said...

Love this outfit and your reasons for blogging. I love your blog. Your outfits are super-fun and very inspiring. They are also wearable. Maybe that sounds weird, but you're a normal person, wearing normal clothes that I could wear too. You know? I like that.

Katie said...

such a cute outfit! love those pants and shoes!! i too feel embarrassed about my blog but there are so many things i love about it too!

Style Journey said...

Very well said! You are so relatable that's why I read your blog. How about styling the sandals with green or coral? Heather

Megan Colwell said...

What a fun super fun outfit! I love those pants! I found you through Plane Pretty's link up :) I'd be thrilled if we followed each other :)

Carley Lee said...

I love this post, Tiffany! (I'm jumping over from Plane Pretty)
What a great first post to read - I love your reasons for blogging :)
I think those sandals would look great with a black sundress!
Have a beautiful day!

Kelsey Bang said...

you are darling! keep blogging your fun outfits! they are fun to see! love your shoes!

Mrs C said...

I hate being in front of the camera as well, I never thought that I was photogenic enough, but hey, blog and camera are like twin sisters, so no escape. I would do the shoes with maxi dresses and also shorts with peasant top for summer :) Dropping by from the link, drop by my page when you can :)


Anonymous said...

Those sandals are so awesome! I'd wear them with skirts and shorts, too!

knocked up fabulous

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Love your sandals and your reasons for blogging. I can relate to ALL of them!

Anonymous said...

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Babblings of a Mommy said...

Great post! I pretty much started blogging for the same reasons. Cute outfit!


Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Love your adorable outfit...and also your reasons for blogging. Blogging is SO positive - it is so nice to connect with people everywhere. Exactly the same reasons I started. Have a lovely day!! :)

smk053078 said...

This is AWESOME! I blogging is so fun and gives us a chance to inspire others and get inspired at the same time. And yep, SUPER awkward when people walk by while taking pictures!! LOL!

rlutz said...

Those sandals are all sorts of fabulous!! I love how you styled those purple trousers!!

My Thrifty Chic said...

I love your purple pants! I'm wearing green ones today :) I'd love for you to link up to my weekly blog hop going on now :)

xoxo Tori

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I've asked myself these questions too, LOL. Perfect answer!!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Love the top! And I hear ya! I don't think I'll ever get used to people watching me pose. Ha!

Lena B, Actually said...

Such a great post, Tiff!! And you're adorable! I don't always comment... but I always like checking out your outfits... they always make me smile! :)
Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion... this week's link goes live at midnight... hope to see you back!

Megan, said...

loving this look! Xo, Megan,

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