Friday, March 13, 2015

Fashion Friday: Marsala Two Ways

Hey y'all!! Happy Friday and welcome to Fashion Friday, where moms drop everything they're doing and dress up in the latest trends and fashions . . . or something like that. ;) 

Tabitha and I have been tackling the Top Five Fashion Trends for spring and Marsala is on the list.

Blah. Marsala. 

That's how I feel about that color. It's like a mix of mud and wine and that just doesn't scream "spring" to me!

But, here's the thing about Marsala... It can come in a variety of shades, like this. 

With that in mind, I searched through all kinds of items ranging between mud and red wine and came up two looks I'd actually wear!

My favorite, (hello, SAHM!) is the casual look.It's kind of a no brainer since I spend most of my day hanging out with the kiddos and working on my laptop.  Since I've stopped working, I just can't "work up" an interest in dressing up! Ha. 

Marsala Gone Casual

Top, Shorts, Bag, Sandals: Old Navy
Necklace: Molli

I love how the cute charm on Molli pops against the top! And those jams!! Fowl Play is kind of perfect, right?? 

Marsala... All Dressed Up

Skirt, Top, Shoes, Clutch & Sunnies: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Charlotte

I'm dying over this necklace. <<running off to purchase right now>>  Seriously, the picture doesn't do it justice. Keep your eye on my Instagram, because I bet you anything I'll be wearing it soon!

So, yeah, that's Marsala two ways. And it's not horrifyingly ugly. I amaze even myself. ;) Okay, so you want to see another super cute Marsala look?? Check out how Tabitha styled it on Tabitha's Tiara Life!

Until next time, y'all! Have a beautiful weekend! =)

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