Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tell Me Tuesday!

I really liked the responses I got last week about my cowboy boots, so I decided to try it again. I almost wore them on Sunday with a belted black dress, but got scared. I'll try them soon, I promise!!  I think it'll have to be really soon because I live in Florida and I'm pretty sure it will soon be too hot and humid for any type of boot whatsoever!

Anyways, back to my question of the day... What color tank top should I wear with this dress? It's just way too lowcut for me to wear without anything underneath it.

I want to apologize in advance for the multiple pictures. I don't know how to combine them all into "looks" like some of you do. I plan to wear it on Easter Sunday with a pair of nude heels or sandals and a yelllow and white striped cardigan.  I was thinking I'd belt the cardi with a navy skinny belt and accessorize with some navy jewelry (in order to match the kids).

Question No. 2: Which shoes do you think would look best with the dress?

This pair of Gabriella Rochella sandals from 6pm.com?

This pair from Payless?

And this is what my sweet kids will be wearing:


Meyer Family said...

So, so cute! I love that you are matching your children. Their outfits are adorable, and I LOVE your dress. Unfortunately, I'm no fashionista so I can't begin to answer your tank top question. But I do like the Payless shoes a lot. Super cute. I hope you post pics of the end result... your whole little matching family! :)

Ashley said...

I would maybe wear a nude tank top - but not nude enough that it looks like you're trying to hide it...one with enough contrast to your skin tone. Nude, yellow, white and navy - looks and sounds fabulous to me! and I like the 6pm shoes!! The bows on the payless shoes are a little too "precious" for my taste. I wanna see the final result too! PS. LOVE the dress as well!

Tara said...

I recognize that Target outfit!! Our little ladies are going to be twins :)

Anyway, I'd say go with a coral or aqua tank top under normal circumstances, but with your color scheme, maybe a light or navy blue? And on the shoes, definitely the payless shoes! Those bows are adorable.

Can't wait to see the end result!!

Ashley J said...

I love the dress you picked out and I agree that either a white or nude tank top would look best. I also love both pairs of shoes but I kindda like the second pair best for Easter! Hope this helps...

Daphne said...

Such a pretty dress sucks to have to wear a tank. I would suggest those tanks with a bit of lace in the middle so all that peeks is the lace in a neutral color like cream/tan to not take away from the dress. Like the idea of navy belt and accessories.
For shoes, I like the payless shoes a lot but with the dress I think the others might look cuter and more comfortable for running after kids during easter hunt on grass. Payless looks like skinny heels that can be digging in the grass. I hate that.
Also, thank you so much for all the warm wishes and comments on my blog lately while I have been sick. You are very sweet.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I really like the idea of the white and yellow striped cardigan with it. Then you could wear your turquoise shoes (I know you can't walk in them but dang you'll look cute!)


Kish said...

First of all, the dress is gorgeous! I like Daphne's idea to add a lace-trimmed tank underneath. I definitely prefer the Payless shoes, because although I don't know where the dress hem hits you, I think those shoes would elongate your leg more, especially in such a sassy dress. I like the sweater and belt combo...how do you think it would look if you swapped the color choices for those items...a navy cardigan with a skinny yellow belt??
And then on a more casual day, you could try a yellow and white skinny-striped tee underneath the dress???