Friday, April 8, 2011

New Jewelry, New Shoes & A Getaway

Bye bye, Blues! That's what I'm sayin'. =)

New Jewelry

Ok, living with a three-year old is like living on a roller coaster! A crazy roller coaster of really high highs and really low lows. lol  You know what though, even though it's crazy, I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. (Except maybe a perfectly well-behaved three-year old, but does that even exist in the real world?) Anyways, take a look at what my crazy boy asked me to wear today . . .

He gifted me this prized bracelet that he had gotten from his teacher.  And asked me to wear it all day today.  So, I most definitely did. =) 

New Shoes

Last week, I went a little crazy at, and I was thrilled to find the fruits of my labor (hmm... can shopping really be called labor?) on my doorstep yesterday.  Check out these beauties!

I just love these red patent leather sandals that I scored for less than $10.00! They can be purchased here in yellow or white. I can't wait to wear them all summer long.

I decided to go with these for my Easter outfit. These classy little shoes only set me back $25.00. They can be purchased here.

And these babies were a little less than $25.00! These are going to be great this summer. I can see them with a flowy skirt, maxi dresses, skinny jeans, bermuda shorts, baggy linen shorts . . . so many possibilities!

Shirt: Express
Striped cardi & strappy bracelet: Target
Skinny jeans: Gap
Strappy black wedges: Can be purchased here
Paperclip bracelet: My Sweet Son
Pink flower ring, earrings & hair clip: Flapper Fashions
Button ring: McKell's Closet

A Getaway

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot. My sweet husband booked us a getaway to our favorite little spot in Destin for sometime next month!  I can't wait to grab a few good books, park myself in a beach chair and not move for two whole days!


Taylor said...

Yellow + pink = SO HAPPY! Love this Friday look. Laughing at your son's paperclip bracelet as I have worn a Transformers Autobot-head ring around because someone asked me to do so. I love - you will get so much use out of those nude wedges! I'm looking at them right now...

Daphne said...

Love these bright colors. I love the paper clip bracelet. I walk around with stickers all over my hands and face sometimes cause my kids lvoe sticker but they never like to stick on themselves just on me. Then my little daughter will check my cheeks every 10 minutes to make sure the little froggie is still there for example. That is mommy fashion for you. :)

Anonymous said...

having shoe envy here! Those are all so great!

Three was a challenging year, we really like four around theses parts :)

Colleen said...

I like the yellow and pink together. I NEVER thought of that combination. now I want to go do it right now. It is awesome.

Also those are some nice wedges. I tried to buy some myself this weekend and failed.

Andie said...

we're going to destin in may, too! :) for Memorial weekend. is that when you will be there? :)

Monique said...

Loving those wedges!

Monique xx

Kish said...

I really like the pink and yellow combo...I'm gonna have to try that. The best part, though, is that paperclip bracelet.
That piece is priceless.

Katri said...

oh my goodness! how'd you score all that greatness?? looks awesome!!! love the paperclip bracelet :)

I'm having a giveaway at Cardigans and Cookie Dough

Tara said...

LOVE the shoes...nicely done on the retail therapy! And the bracelet? Perfect complement to today's outfit :)

I love Destin! It's too bad you're not going this month, because I'll be down the beach in Panama City for a few days, we could have tried to meet up!

Alynne Leigh said...

How cute!!
What a lucky mama :)